February movies to fall in love with in ETC’s A-List

Cable channel ETC offers four movies this February to fall in love with (from upper left, clockwise) Ever After, Love Don’t Cost A Thing, Fever Pitch and The Wedding Singer .


"This Valentines month ETC will have you falling in love again and again with four love stories set to get your heart pounding in excitement. Passion runs deep every Sunday at 9pm on ETC A-List with stars such as Drew Barrymore, Nick Canon, Christina Milan, Jimmy Fallon and Adam Sandler.

"On February 6 see Drew Barrymore star in the "real" story of Cinderella as Danielle in Ever After. A servant to her stepmother, one day she accidentally meets Prince Harry, the future King of France. The prince who is looking for a wife falls for Danielle, but can royalty and a servant girl really be together? Find out if true love overcomes all odds in this modern fairy tale.

"The first ETC A-List ’Movie of the Month’ for February is the urban romance Love Don’t Cost a Thing on February 13. Nick Canon plays high school loser Alvin who may be extremely smart but has no game with girls. Alvin dreams of being able to hang out with the popular kids especially beautiful cheerleader Paris (singer Christina Milan). He gets his wish when Paris agrees to pose as his girlfriend so he can be considered cool in return for fixing her mom’s car, which she has crashed. Can Alvin stay cool even after their deal is over or will his nerdy ways get the better of him?


"Can a guy love a woman more than sports? That’s the question asked in the hilarious Fever Pitch on February 20. Boston Red Sox fan Ben (Jimmy Fallon) falls in love with workaholic Lindsey (Drew Barrymore) over the winter but when summer rolls in and baseball season starts she soon discovers that his love for his team borders on obsession. Will the game cause the couple to strike out or will Ben realize that love is the greatest home run?.

"Rounding up the month is the ETC A-List ’Movie of the Month,’ The Wedding Singer. Get ready to sing the tune of love with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as Robbie and Julia, respectively. Robbie, a wedding singer meets Julia, a waitress at one of the receptions where he performs. Both are engaged to be married but as they soon discover, they are more compatible with each other rather than their partners. Tune in on February 27 to find out if they will realize this before it’s too late.


"Watch out as ETC is moving to a new home this March!"

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