Princess Punzalan and Cherie Gil’s characters fight over the same man in Untold Stories Mula sa Face to Face

Aiko Melendez stars with Gary Estrada in the February 3 episode of Untold Stories Mula sa Face to Face. Aiko plays the wife of a man (Gary Estrada) who always attempts suicide in his longing to find love.


"Star-crossed lovers depicted in the most tragic fashion are no longer new in both film and TV. But wait till you see the most tear-jerking real-life stories of real people every Thursday of February in Untold Stories Mula sa Face to Face on TV5 primetime after Willing Willie.

"From the hit morning talak-serye Face to Face, four bittersweet tales of love will be featured in the month-long Valentine special of the drama anthology. For its first offering this February 3 titled "Kapag Naglaho ang Pag-ibig," Aiko Melendez and Gary Estrada will topbill the story of a disgruntled husband who always attempts to kill himself in his longing to find love.

"On February 10, two of the most convincing antagonists in Philippine TV will engage in a tug-of-war over one man. In the episode "Isang Bahay, Dalawang May-bahay," comebacking actress Princess Punzalan faces off with award-winning actress Cherie Gil as they stake their claim on Ricky Davao’s love.


"Meanwhile, Bernard Palanca, Carlene Aguilar, Sharmaine Suarez and Sheryl Cruz will give life to characters in "Sa Piling ng Kaaway" on February 17. Here is the story of a weather-beaten wife (Sheryl Cruz) who will do everything in the name of love for her once cruel husband who is now on his deathbed.

"Narrated by Amy Perez, Untold Stories’ month-long special will end on February 24 in the episode titled "Inagaw Mo ang Ligaya Ko" with Christian Vasquez, Jean Saburit, and Ms. Gloria Diaz. Once the best of friends, two former beauty queens lose their friendship when they both fall in love with a younger man.

"Know the back story of your favorite Face to Face stories every Thursday night in Untold Stories after Willing Willie on TV5."

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