Hubert Webb’s life as a free man to be featured on Us Girls

Hubert Webb (wearing orange) was met by his brother Jason Webb when he was released after serving prison time for 15 years. He will show viewers of Us Girls his new lifestyle far from the New Bilibid Prison.


"Us Girls, the country’s fashion and lifestyle magazine show authority, will check up on Hubert Webb this Sunday (February 6) on Studio 23 to find out how he’s coping with life as a recently-freed man.

"Webb, who was in prison for 15 years, is now catching up with the world while enjoying things he loved back then like playing basketball! Join Iya Villania as she visits Hubert’s room to see what’s keeping him busy these days.

"Girlista Megan Young also steps in for Angel Aquino this week. Megan’s assignment is to find us new gimik places in Manila that we can go to depending on the budget. The remaining third of television’s most fabulous trio, Chesca Garcia-Kramer, on the other hand, will take us to the best places to eat and shop around the metro.

"She will also share us tips on how to have the best sleep possible from the right position to the right beds and pillows.


"Let Us Girls show you how to enjoy the best in life this Sunday (February 6), 6:30pm, on Studio 23."

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