Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson reunite for Your Song this Sunday, February 6

In the February 6 episode of Your Song, Gerald Anderson’s character is led to believe that Kim Chiu’s character is a two-timer. How will she make him believe otherwise?


"ABS-CBN starts the love month right. As an early Valentine treat, Your Song reunites Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson this Sunday, February 6.

"After the success of their last movie together Till my Heartaches End, Kim and Gerald are back in each other’s arms just for Your Song.

"The story revolves around Kim and the dilemma she’s about to face concerning her best friend and soon-to-be-lover. A gay friend convinces Kim to act as his wife in front of his friend’s dying father. Kim, knowing that it is her best friend asking for help, says yes.

"Little does she know that Gerald, who is her suitor and soon-to-be-lover, is the brother of her gay friend. Gerald, clueless of Kim’s intention, assumes that she is a two-timer. How will Kim manage to solve her dilemma?

"Find out on Your Song Presents Kim this Sunday, February 6, after ASAP Rocks on ABS-CBN."

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