Jasmine Curtis-Smith swims as a mermaid-turned-human in Pidol’s Wonderland this Sunday

Jasmine Curtis-Smith plays Jessa, the human-transformation of Cai Cortez’s mermaid character Jesebilbil in the two-part episode of Pidol’s Wonderland beginning tonight at 5:30 pm on TV5.


"Jasmine Curtis-Smith topbills a two-part Valentine special of Pidol’s Wonderland titled "Jesebilbil" for two Sundays of the month (February 6 and 13) at 5:30-6:30pm.

"The popular teen star plays a mermaid-turned-human with Cai Cortez, Karel Marquez and Martin Escudero on the cast.

"In a world found at the bottom of the sea, a mermaid is miserable with her weight problem. Aghast with her flabs, Jesebilbil (Cai Cortez) will try to solve her heavy problem by making a pact with Aruana (Karel Marquez) to turn her into a gorgeous human. It’s goodbye fats for Jesebilbil and hello to a stunningly beautiful transformation as Jessa (Jasmine Curtis-Smith).

"Just when she’s about to enjoy her new life and the affection she’s getting from Ronaldo (Martin Escudero), the consequence of the pact has yet to take a toll on her.

"Will Jessa end up with the man she loves?


"Dive into Jasmine’s special under the sea adventure on February 6 and 13 (Sunday), 5:30pm on TV5.

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