Babaeng Hampaslupa pilot episode will air with no commercial breaks this Monday on TV5

(L-R) Alex Gonzaga, Susan Roces, and Alice Dixson star in TV5’s first venture into primetime drama, Babaeng Hampaslupa.


"As its first venture into the genre of primetime drama, TV5 presents Babaeng Hampaslupa with no less than a powerhouse cast led by the Queen of Philippine Movies, Ms. Susan Roces. It also marks the TV comeback of the icon of timeless beauty, Alice Dixson, and the biggest project yet of the new primetime drama princess, Alex Gonzaga.

"Helmed by Eric Quizon and Bb. Joyce Bernal, the series assures the viewers a truly remarkable non-stop viewing experience with no commercial breaks for its pilot episode this Monday (February 7), 9pm after Willing Willie.

"The first TV series to delve into the strict traditions of the Chinese-Filipino or Chinoy culture, Babaeng Hampaslupa brings together some of the finest actors and actresses in the industry, including Jay Manalo, Bing Loyzaga, Freddie Webb, Christian Vasquez, Karel Marquez, Celso Ad Castillo, Vandolph, Jenny Quizon, Susan Africa, Julio Diaz, Dolphy Jr, Anne Villegas, and Sheila Marie Rodriguez. Playing the roles of the two men who will love and be loved by Alex Gonzaga’s character are Alwyn Uytingco and Martin Escudero."


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