ETC 2nd Avenue has plans for a local production this year

They’re coming to your TV sets: ETC 2nd Avenue will feature the second season of Modern Family (photo above) as well as shows such as Thintervention, Top Chef Tuesdays, Just Desserts, and Royal Pains.

Solar Entertainment is turning up the heat.

At 2nd Avenue’s relaunch last January in Makati City, Solar Entertainment’s Tessa Paz-Alviz explained the sudden appearance of a "degree symbol" in the channel’s new plugs.

"We wanted sana a hook for the channel, so when you see the degree sign, you’ll relate it to 2nd Avenue," she says. "So it’s just an icon for the channel."

Fans need not worry. The channel they’ve come to love will still feature their favorite reality shows, sitcoms and entertainment news.

Aside from its current lineup, the following series have been added: Thintervention, a workout reality show; Top Chef Tuesdays, with Top Chef DC and Top Chef; Just Desserts, a spinoff featuring pastry chefs; the second season of the Emmy-winning comedy, Modern Family, and the second season of the medical show, Royal Pains.

"2nd Avenue was launched last 2007, and we thought, it was about time na magkaroon kami ng new look for the channel," says Alviz. "Essentially, it’s the same. It’s still the channel for today’s urbanite, in all important respects."


2nd Avenue, which is Solar Entertainment’s second-highest earning channel after the flagship ETC, has plans to do a local production this year.

"We have plans... pero confidential pa siya," says Alviz. "But definitely we’ll have [something] within the year, and since it’s our first local production, we’re very excited."


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