Tak Gu’s mother returns in GMA-7’s The Baker King

Despite being handicapped by an explosion inside the Pal Gong bakery, Tak Gu (played by Korean actor Yoon Si Yoon) is determined to win the baking competition. Will he succeed? Find out in The Baker King on GMA-7.


"Viewers are now aware that Tak Gu’s long-lost mother is still alive. The two almost came across each other in GMA-7’s high-rating primetime Koreanovela, The Baker King.

"After a plotted explosion in Pal Bong Bakery, Tak Gu went to a hospital to have his eyes checked. His mother, Melissa, was in the same hospital but Tak Gu would not see her because his eyes were covered.

"This Friday, it will be revealed that Melissa was in the same hospital because her eyes are now weak.

"Meanwhile, Tak Gu goes back to Pal Bong Bakery and determinedly prepares for a baking competition. Master Pal Bong, on the other hand, is eager to find out who was behind the explosion in his bakery.

"Will Tak Gu ever meet his mother? Will he triumph in the baking competition? Who planned the explosion that involved Tak Gu?

"Find out the answers to all these questions by following the colorful story of Tak Gu’s life. The Baker King airs Monday to Friday after I Heart You Pare on GMA-7."


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