Talentadong Pinoy’s Hall of Famers to conduct hometown "Miting de Avance" from February 18 to 27

TV5’s Talentadong Pinoy is hosted by Ryan Agoncillo.


"The journey to the much-awaited Talentadong Pinoy ’Battle of the Champions’ heats up as all eight Hall of Famers return to their respective hometowns for their own ’Miting de Avance’ from February 18-27.

"Hosted by Ryan Agoncillo, Talentadong Pinoy remains to be the biggest and most-watched talent show on weekend primetime. With the upcoming ’Battle of the Champions,’ the competition gets even more intense as the Hall of Famers gather their supporters and further raise the anticipation for their much-awaited championship performance.

"This year’s ’Battle of the Champions’ showcases a diverse and highly talented group of Hall of Famers who will all prove their mettle as rightful Talentadong Pinoy grand finalists.

"The Talentadong Pinoy Hall of Famers are master beatboxer ’Beatbox Gor’ of Davao, ultimate sand artist ’Joseph the Artist’ of Laguna, Broadway princesses ’The Believers’ of Muntinlupa City, sensuous singing trio ’Newborn Divas’ of Quezon City, the fiery pole dancer ’Sfashiva’ of Caloocan City, real-life acrobatic partners ’Zion Show’ of Cainta, amazing poi dancers ’Fire Attraction’ of Cebu, and the dancing duo ’RR Friends’ of Cavite.


"The Hall of Famers’ ’Miting de Avance’ will bring the Talentados’ winning performances right to the heart of their hometowns. It starts with Beatbox Gor’s Davao homecoming on February 18 and Fire Attraction’s Cebu event on February 19. This will be followed by Zion Show in Cainta on February 21, RR Friends in Cavite on February 22, The Believers in Muntinlupa on February 24, Joseph the Artist in Laguna on February 25, New Born Divas in Quezon City on February 26, and Sfashiva in Caloocan on February 27."

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