Koreana slated to end this Friday after airing for 23 weeks

Koreana, starring (L-R) Steven Silva, Kris Bernal, Saab Magalona and Rocco Nacino, will air its finale this Friday, February 25.


"On Friday, February 25, GMA-7’s high-rating afternoon drama Koreana concludes its successful twenty-week run with a remarkable finale as each character makes an important decision in their lives.

"As Chang Hee (Eddie Garcia), Nerissa (Angelu de Leon) and Jenna (Kris Bernal) begin a new life together, Violeta (Eula Valdez) escapes prison and plots to exact revenge against Jenna.

"Meanwhile, Jenna stands by her decision to marry Joshua (Steven Silva) despite still having feelings for Benjo (Rocco Nacino). Jenna and Benjo will finally say their goodbyes before the latter takes on a new boxing match with a Korean.

"As Violeta carries out her evil plans together with Sandra (Sylvia Sanchez), Ivy (Saab Magalona) tries to convince her mother to surrender to the police and finally face imprisonment.

"Discover how far Violeta is willing to go in her bid for vengeance. Can love overcome evil in the end?


"And what will happen to the complicated love triangle of Jenna, Joshua and Benjo? Which two will have their happy ending, and which one will sacrifice his feelings in favor of another person’s happiness?

"The answers will be revealed in Koreana this Friday right after Nita Negrita on GMA-7."

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