TV5’s Batibot continues to be relevant today, clinches most-watched spot in its timeslot

Batibot’s Koko Kwik Kwak (center) and the gang prove they can still connect with kids. Starting March 12, Batibot will air a four-week special that will feature some of the highlights of the show.


"Classic children’s show Batibot underscores its strong connection among modern-day kids audience as it continues to topple competition since it debuted last November 27.

"Citing data from Nielsen Media Research, Batibot performed strongly last Saturday (March 5) in Mega Manila with 30.4% audience share among all people as compared to GMA-7’s Art Angel with 22.8% audience share and ABS-CBN’s Avatar the Legend of Aang with 19.7% audience share.

"Moreover, throughout its 15-week run on TV, the all-new Batibot also proves to be the most preferred show among kids aged 2-12 years old in Mega Manila during its timeslot (Saturday at 8:30 to 9:00 am) with an average audience share of 31.5% audience share, leaving its rival programs far behind: GMA-7’s 22.8% audience share and ABS-CBN’s 21.1% audience share. This is according to Nielsen Media Research data from November 27 to March 5.

"A decade after fruitful 18-year run on Philippine TV, the record holder as the most awarded and longest-running Filipino-produced children’s show made a very impressive comeback late last year; capturing about a third of total viewers with 34% audience share on its pilot episode, more than double than that of ABS-CBN and GMA with both generating only less than a fifth each (17.6 % and 16.6% audience shares, respectively).

"These figures speak for what kind of programs kids of today wanted and, at the same time, needed. Our stronghold among the young audience continues to drive us to offer better and relevant kids’ shows--case in point the return of Batibot," said Trina Ching, TV5’s program manager.

"This Saturday (March 12), Batibot will kick off a four-week special to feature some of the highlights of the show.

"Batibot was first introduced by the Philippine Children’s Television Foundation, Inc. (PCTVF) in response to a demand for local educational program that would provide smart teaching tools for Filipino children.


"After more than a decade we are trying our best to reach out to a new generation of children, introducing Batibot to them in a different time and media landscape, fully conscious of the fact that they have to make their own choices about what TV shows they enjoy. The ratings show parents are watching alongside their children. That is truly encouraging," shared Feny de los Angeles-Bautista, PCTVF executive director and producer of Batibot.

"Catch Batibot every Saturday from 8:30 to 9:00 am with five-minute daily shorts at 9 am and 4 pm on TV5 Kids.

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