Barbie Forteza and Bea Binene’s characters fight over a secret in Tween Hearts

Barbie Forteza and Bea Binene’s characters in Tween Hearts fight because of a secret involving their father.


"A heated argument transpires between Barbie Forteza and Bea Binene’s characters in GMA Network’s phenomenal youth series, Reel Love presents Tween Hearts that put their relationship under severe strain.

"This Sunday, Bambi (Barbie Forteza) discovers what Belinda (Bea Binene) has been hiding from her--their father Ted is stricken with a terminal illness. Bambi feels completely betrayed by her own sister and this aggravates the rift between the two.

"Aya (Joyce Ching) meets Ian played by newcomer Hiro Magalona who volunteered in her environmental project in Boracay. Both nature lovers, the two hit it off instantly and Ian is surprisingly smitten with Aya’s carefree attitude. Chris (Kristoffer Martin), meanwhile, gets jealous of Aya and Ian’s unlikely closeness.

"Leslie (Lexi Fernandez) slightly feels uncomfortable with Uno’s (John Marlowe Pamintuan) brand new look. Little did she know Uno reinvented himself just to please and make her happy.


"Will Bambi and Belinda reconcile and patch up their differences? Who will steal Aya’s heart? Ian or Chris?

"Don’t miss the exciting adventures of the Tween Stars in Boracay this Sunday, March 13, in Reel Love presents Tween Hearts right after Party Pilipinas on GMA-7."

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