Devoted son produces show for his 79-year-old Mommy Elvie

Mommy Elvie gained a loyal following when she appeared on the former gag show of her son, Ariel Villasanta. She will turn 80 in December this year.

To give his real-life mother a chance to fulfill her lifelong dream to become famous, Ariel Villasanta of the famous Totoo TV tandem launches a hilarious TV show unlike any other.

The devoted son coaches and manages his mom to achieve her wish of becoming "sikat" before she celebrates her 80th birthday on December. Expect the mother-and-son tandem to make you laugh out loud in the newest comedy show entitled The Mommy Elvie’s Problematic Show . This "show-within-a-show" will start airing on ABC-5 every Tuesday starting June 19.

The story starts off with Mommy Elvie declaring her dream to become a star before she turns 80. Soon after, with his vested interest, Ariel realizes that the best way to make his mom famous is to produce his own show.

Aside from the mother-and-son team, the wacky Nicole Hiyala of Yes FM and Love Radio will be joining them in a show-within-a-show entitled "Problema Na Naman." In this segment, a roving booth goes around the metro to allow people to share their problems with the audience.


The three of them would definitely give the most comical but realistic solutions to real life problems and concerns of ordinary people. To add a twist to the zany show, The Mommy Elvie’s Problematic Show will include guest celebrities and famous personalities who share their own solutions to the problems at hand.

Each episode is a mix of struggle and fun in becoming a star in one’s own right. It would be like a comeback of the renowned Misadventures of Maverick and Ariel, but while Maverick is not around, let’s test and taste this new mixture of Ariel, Nicole, and Mommy Elvie.

Watch the pilot episode of The Mommy Elvie’s Problematic Show on June 19, 9 p.m. and let it warm your heart as it tackles old age, finding one’s purpose in life and living it to the fullest.


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