Marian Rivera topbills Bampirella, the first offering of GMA-7’s Spooky Nights

Spooky Nights Presents: Bampirella, which stars Marian Rivera, will air every Saturday on GMA-7 starting March 26, 2011.


"GMA Network goes back to serving series on Saturday nights with its new horror-comedy show, Spooky Nights, to begin on March 26. The show airs back-to-back with Man vs Beast, taking a portion of the Kapuso Film Festival time slot.

"In Spooky Nights, a story would run for a number of weeks and would be replaced by a new one with a different cast once it finishes. Although the stories have slightly scary themes, they are basically funny and wacky.

"For its first offering, Spooky Nights features Bampirella, a vampire tale that deviates from overly dramatic or commonly freaky vampire stories these days. Bampirella is a female vampire who was a mere human until she was cursed to transform into a ’beautiful yet undead creature’ every time the clock strikes twelve midnight.

"Kapuso primetime queen, Marian Rivera, plays as the lead character, Bampirella or Cindy. Although viewers have seen Marian playing comic as in the hit sitcom Show Me Da Manny, her portrayal in this show differs because there is conflict within her character. Cindy is naturally loving and generous but her curse turns her into the scary Bampirella.

"A beautiful woman, Cindy works in a chocolate factory where Mitch (Gelli De Belen) is the manager. Unknown to Cindy, Mitch is a cunning witch and would later curse her to be an ugly human during daytime. By nightfall, she goes back to being beautiful but also becomes a vampire.

"Being cursed, Cindy has only one way to be human again—to find her true love. However, she has to suck the blood and the life out of this man to really break Mitch’s curse.


"Will Cindy find her true love if she is ugly at daytime and a vampire at nighttime? Can she take his life once she finds him? Or will she choose to live a cursed life than to kill her one true love?

"See a funny take on vampire stories and witness how true love can overcome even the craziest curse.

"Adding kilig and fun to Cindy’s otherwise dark world are two hot Kapuso stars: Marc Abaya stars as Armand, the rocker vampire who wants to own Cindy; and Mikael Daez, as Michael, a dentist who also applies to be her one true love. Another admirer is Dingdong Dantes in his special role as Cindy’s ex-boyfriend named Alfonso.

"Other cast members are: Gladys Guevarra as Rosario, Cindy’s best friend; Ken De Leon as Angelina and Jervi Li as Megan Pak, Mitch’s sidekicks; and the cute Isabel Nesreen Frial as Eya, Cindy’s sister.

"Under the direction of Director Albert Langitan with Head Writer Senedy Que, Spooky Nights Presents: Bampirella airs every Saturday before Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho in GMA’s Sabado Star Power starting March 26.

"Spooky Nights Presents: Bampirella can be seen by Filipino viewers worldwide beginning April 2 (Asia Pacific and Middle East) and April 3 (U.S. and Canada) on GMA Pinoy TV."

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