PEP REVIEW: GMA-7’s "Halo-Halo ang Summer Saya" is strategic and straightforward

(From left) Sid Lucero, Mikael Daez and Marian Rivera are some of the GMA-7 stars who appear in the "Halo-Halo ang Summer Saya" omnibus TV commercial.

GMA-7 has a good record of creating stunning teaser plugs of their upcoming shows. Sometimes, they even look better than the actual shows.

This year, however, the Kapuso Network’s summer-themed omnibus TV commercial fails to live up to expectations.

Don’t get me wrong, GMA-7’s "Halo-Halo ang Summer Saya" one-minute plug is not bad, but it is not as good as their previous teasers. (CLICK HERE to read more about "Halo-Halo ang Summer Saya")

The plug released by GMA-7 is both strategic and straightforward. An omnibus TV commercial gives viewers a peek at the new Kapuso shows.

For instance, the epic-serye Amaya is slated to come out in May while the dance-themed program Jump is coming soon. Cooking shows Amazing Cooking Kids and Kitchen Superstar are set to whet appetites this month.

The morning show Starbox will air on April 4, while the game show Family Feud: The Showdown Edition will also premiere on that day. Both Munting Heredera and Sisid are expected to hit TV screens in May.

Even shows launched in March, namely Man vs Beast, Spooky Nights and Captain Barbell, get plugged, albeit briefly.

HALO-HALO THEME. The "Halo-Halo ang Summer Saya" plug is effective because it gives Pinoys a glimpse of GMA-7’s upcoming shows while reminding viewers that summer is here.

The scenes revolve around a halo-halo theme: Kapuso stars pass around a dish of that distinctly Pinoy dessert made up of a variety of ingredients — much like the shows on GMA-7.

Why, there’s even a halo-halo-eating zombie, who’s obviously making a push for Spooky Nights.

It’s a brilliant concept that fell flat during execution. The one-minute plug features scenes from shows that fail to mesh. Instead of offering a wonderful medley of different tastes and textures like the halo-halo, the scenes seem disconnected from each other. The images whiz by so fast, they don’t make an impact on the viewer.


Here are some scenes you’re not likely to forget: Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona perform what appears to be a night club act. Marian Rivera in a summer dress balances a dish of halo-halo at the tip of her sword — a plug for Amaya, where she plays a warrior-princess. She is joined by her yummy leading men: Sid Lucero and Mikael Daez.

Kudos to GMA-7 for the outstanding music in this teaser. It’s modern yet still Pinoy. It successfully blended old and new, young and old in a catchy tune that captures the spirit of summer.

NOT BAD. GMA-7’s "Halo-Halo ang Summer Saya" plug is not bad, but it is not as good as their previous teasers, that would often leave us in awe as the colorful heart-shaped logo flashes in the end.

What happened to those teasers they used to make? The audio-visual masterpieces that got us all excited for their upcoming programs?





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