KC Montero and Laila Chikadora to perform death-defying stunts for TV5’s Lupet: The World’s Amazing Documentaries

KC Montero and Laila Chikadora face new challenges as they host TV5’s weekly show Lupet: The World’s Amazing Documentaries.

Lupet: The World’s Amazing Documentaries
gets crazier as KC Montero and Laila Chicadora team up to present amazing videos captured on camera.

"We’re the most unlikely couple you’ll love," the newest duo of TV5 said during the media junket prepared for them last Wednesday, April 6, at Cravings Restaurant, Tomas Morato in Quezon City.

They added, "We’re odd, we’re always game and maybe that’s why we jive. The tall order is to make video-sharing more fun for viewers, so we’ll do everything to keep up with what’s expected for us."

Although previous faces of Lupet, Lourd de Veyra and Shawn Yao, did a great job hosting the show, KC and Laila said their approach is different and comparisons should not be made.

"I don’t think we need to be compared to [them]. We’re really different. I watched some of [their] episodes before. What we’re doing — it’s a bit malayo, so there should be no comparison," KC said.

Laila agreed. "Iba talaga, the way he [Lourd] delivers, seryoso. Hindi kamukha nung sa aming dalawa may acting-acting pa."

Lupet features KC as a wannabe action star who dreams of doing death-defying stunts in hopes of achieving stardom. Meanwhile, Laila is KC’s most loyal fan who shows him videos to inspire him.

Catch KC and Laila in action, as they introduce real nerve-wracking rescue operations and spine-chilling explosions on Lupet: The World’s Amazing Documentaries, which airs every Saturday after Ben10 on TV5.





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