Miriam Quiambao portrays a demon-possessed faith healer in Panata

Miriam Quiambao will portray a demon-possessed faith healer in the telemovie Panata. It will air on GMA-7 on Black Saturday, April 23.


"Christian Broadcasting Network Asia’s (CBN Asia) foray into producing horror-suspense telemovies, Tanikala, every Holy Week has been one of this season’s much-awaited TV events. For the third installment of the Tanikala book, three special horror-suspense telemovies will be aired from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday, 5 p.m., on GMA-7.

features true-to-life stories of people who battled against a pure evil that tried to control their lives.

"On Maundy Thursday, former Sexbomb girl Izzy Trazona will go from dancing and singing to tackling heavy drama as a wife under a mortal curse in Kulam.

"On Good Friday, theater actor Icko Gonzalez plays a young man spiraling into sex and drug addiction in Wasak. The episode also features John Arcilla and Roselyn Perez.

"My role in Wasak is very challenging—emotionally and physically. But everyone was up for the challenge," says lead actor Icko. "I hope that people will listen to the message of our episode."

"Beauty queen-turned-actress Miriam Quiambao faces her most challenging role as a demon-possessed faith healer in "Panata," which will air on Black Saturday.

"Miriam adds, "working with Panata Team was challenging and yet fulfilling. I even lost my voice for a week due to the number of times I had to shout. Everyone was working in the spirit of excellence."

"Catch all of these TV masterpieces on Tanikala this Holy Week, April 21, 22, and 23, 5:00 p.m. on GMA-7."

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