Kylie Padilla undergoes transformation for GMA-7’s afternoon series, Blusang Itim

Blusang Itim, starring Carl Guevarra and Kylie Padilla, will be aired on GMA-7 starting May 16 and will be seen on GMA Pinoy TV starting May 18.


"Beginning May 16, GMA 7 depicts how physical appearance—beautiful or not—could never hinder a person’s destiny through the TV adaption of Elena Patron’s Blusang Itim.

"Kylie Padilla takes on her first lead role as she portrays the character originally played by Snooky Serna in the 1980’s movie. After being seen in the primetime drama Dwarfina and in the hit series Tween Hearts, Binoe’s daughter now faces her biggest challenge to date—giving new life to Jessa, the timeless lead character of Blusang Itim.

"This afternoon drama gives an account of a tragic story behind Jessa’s disfigured face and how she dreams of being accepted and of making it to the fashion industry as a designer.

"Joining Kylie in the series is a roster of young and promising lead stars. Frank Magalona portrays the role of Angelo, a famous model long admired by Jessa and Carl Guevarra assumes the role of Melchor, Jessa’s childhood friend who loves her no matter how she looks. Meanwhile, Winwyn Marquez stars as Vicky, Angelo’s girlfriend who is also a model.

"Jessa grew up longing to be loved by her cold, selfish and greedy mother, Esmeralda (Jackielou Blanco). What she does not know is that Esmeralda caused all her misfortune in life, even her ugliness.

"While Rhea (Rita Avila), Jessa’s real mother, was pregnant, Esmeralda devised a scheme to cause her to miscarry. The latter could not accept that Gerald (Gary Estrada) chose Rhea over her although she claimed to be pregnant with his child as well.

"Esmeralda may not have succeeded in killing the offspring of the couple but she managed to make their life somewhat miserable and filled with lies.

"When Rhea gave birth, Gerald could not believe that the baby’s face is deformed due to Esmeralda’s attempt to have it aborted. He then offered Esmeralda money for her to switch her newborn baby boy, Edward (Lucho Ayala), with Rhea’s baby girl. Being the money lover that she is, Esmeralda accepted the offer and took the poor Jessa to be her child yet never treated her thus.


"All her life, Jessa desires to be accepted by people in spite of her physical appearance. She also yearns to be with a man who would not judge her by her looks but who will love her for the beauty of her heart. All these seemed impossible until her act of kindness led her to the magical "blusang itim." The blusa does not only make her face beautiful, but also changes her life, in ways she could not have imagined before.

"Will the "blusang itim" pave the way for Jessa’s dreams to come true and for her to reclaim the life she is supposed to have? Or will it further complicate her life and cause her pain? Can the "blusang itim" really help Jessa find true love and acceptance?

"Learn from this story about how a person’s physical deformity robbed her of all the love she deserves and how, with a kind and pure heart, she manages to redirect her fate.

"Completing the cast of Blusang Itim are: Maritoni Fernandez as Victoria, Angelo’s arrogant mother; Marissa Delgado as Concha, mother of Esmeralda; Maureen Mauricio as Elsa, Melchor’s mother who has a scarred face; Bodie Cruz as Noel, Angelo’s friend and career manager; Chariz Solomon as Chiqui, Jessa’s friend; and Andrea Torres as Allyson, the other daughter of Gerald and Rhea.

"Under the supervision of My Lover, My Wife director, Jay Altarejos, the ever-famous Blusang Itim returns and airs everyday starting May 16 after Eat Bulaga on GMA-7’s Dramarama sa Hapon.

"Blusang Itim can also be seen worldwide beginning May 18 on GMA Pinoy TV."





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