Brandon Vera returns to the Philippines for mixed martial arts tournament

Brandon Vera will be joining the 16 international fighters who will slug it out at PXC 24 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater at Resorts World. On June 11, the mixed martial arts tournament will be aired on AKTV, TV5’s sports channel on Channel 13.


"Filipino-American Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) fighter Brandon Vera will make an appearance for the "PXC Showcase" to be held today, June 9 from 4-6 p.m. at the SM Mall of Asia.

"Vera will be joining the 16 international fighters who will slug it out at PXC 24 on June 11 at Newport Performing Arts Theater at Resorts World in Pasay City.

"PXC or Pacific Xtreme Combat is the biggest mixed martial arts tournament in the Asia-Pacific region.

"Vera’s upcoming Manila visit is his second. He first visited the country in 2007 for a series of promotional activities.

"We are very fortunate that one of UFC’s top MMA fighters, and one of the Philippines’ proudest sons, is here to support his fighters for PXC 24.

"We’d like to invite all MMA fans on Thursday, June 9, to come and visit the activity center of SM MOA for them to experience what PXC is all about.

"They will also have the chance to meet and greet PXC’s top fighters-and of course, to meet "TheTruth," EJ Calvo said. EJ is PXC promoter and general manager who brought the sporting event to the Philippines.

"UFC superstars also visited the country before proving the growing following of MMA in the country.

"Chuck Liddell was here in 2008 where received a rock star welcome. Georges St. Pierre was here last year.

"PXC 24 will feature eight exciting MMA fights, including a heavyweight title bout between Roque "The Champ" Martinez from Guam, who will face his challenger from Saipan, Kelvin "The Big Hit" Fitial.

"It will also showcase other elite international fighters from Brazil, Korea, California, Florida, Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, and some of the best up-and-coming talents from the Philippines.

"The Filipino fighters participating in the exhibition at PXC 24 include Carlos Tiongson and Rogelito "Nonoy" Plomeda.

"PXC 24 will be aired on AKTV, all-new-sports channel on IBC channel 13. The heart-pounding coverage will be brought to you by Sports5 and powered by TV5’s world-class broadcast facilities.


"PXC 24 will air live on June 11 starting at 9pm on AKTV."

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