James Reid and his co-stars are glad that the airing of Good Vibes has been extended by ABS-CBN

Kristel Moreno and Arron Villaflor (top frame) shared a passionate kiss in Good Vibes. James Reid, winner of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010, says, "We’ve all put a lot of time and hard work into our dance workshops to get where we are."


"ABS-CBN has good news to the fans of top-rating youth-oriented program Good Vibes.

"Due to the show’s dominance in the TV ratings and the outpour of positive feedback from viewers, the Kapamilya Network is extending the program to more than the usual thirteen weeks or one season.

"That means more episodes to watch for supporters of the Good Vibes crew led by teen idols Sam Concepcion and Enrique Gil.

"James Reid, one of the cast members, will surely be elated about this development as he had wished for this on his birthday.

"This is my first TV series, so it means a lot to me to hear that the ratings are high and that our dance performances were great. We’ve all put a lot of time and hard work into our dance workshops to get where we are," he said.

"Like him, his co-stars are also excited to deliver stories that today’s youth can relate to and learn from.

"Model-turned-actress Coleen Garcia said she cherishes the chance to spend more time with the group as they have gotten really close.

"I’m happy because we can still bond. It also means we have more opportunities to make the stories on the show really stick to the viewers. This is also a chance to show everyone how much we are improving as time goes by," she said.

"Enrique, who professed his love for the show, also teased about the developments to come in their show.

"They will get to know more about each character. Mas marami pang pasabog," he said.

"Speaking of explosive scenes, this Sunday (June 12), Marc (Sam) will confront his half-brother Troy (Enrique) and his ex-girlfriend Monique (Coleen) after catching them together. Assuming that something is going on between them, Marc will feel slighted and heartbroken just like Geleen (Linn Oeymo), who has feelings for Troy.

"Also watch out for another passionate encounter between Franco (Arron Villaflor) and his best friend Marc’s older sister Carmi (Kristel Moreno). The two have been trying hard to conceal their relationship, but what will happen when Marc catches Franco sneaking out of their house after a tryst with Carmi?


"Don’t miss Good Vibes this Sunday (June 12), after ASAP Rocks on ABS-CBN."

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