Amazing Cooking Kids Final 6 prepare cakes for their dads

Who among the Final 6 of the Amazing Cooking Kids will win top marks for the best decorated cake? In this photo, Duday Reyes prepared a cake for her beloved dad.


"A day before Father’s Day, the Amazing 6 prepare cakes for their daddies in GMA-7’s Amazing Cooking Kids.

"Angela Clarke, Budik Villalobos, Duday Reyes, Ronin Leviste, Tasha Pulgado and Xymon Caballero bring out not only their culinary genius but also their creativity in the next challenge.

"First, they bake a cake in the Magsaysay Institute for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA) and then head to the kiddie kitchen to decorate a cake for their dearest dads.

"After the challenge, the Amazing 6 present the decorated cakes with their daddies to chef judges GB Barlao, Jackie Ang-Po and Rosebud Benitez.

"Who wins the "Immunity Super Power" and avoids elimination in the next round? Who among the six will say goodbye to the kiddie kitchen? And who stays to be a part of the Amazing 5 in the competition?

"Find out this Saturday as the Amazing Cooking Kids give viewers a wonderful gift idea this Father’s Day."


"Amazing Cooking Kids airs every Saturday before Eat Bulaga on GMA 7."

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