Chiz Escudero tells Kris Aquino that his marriage is facing tough challenges

Senator Chiz Escudero demonstrated how to cook adobo rice during the pilot episode of Kris TV, which is hosted by Kris Aquino. When asked regarding his marriage, Senator Chiz answered: "Tulad ng ilan, maraming pinagdaraanang pagsubok ang sinuman sa buhay pamilya..."

Kris Aquino is back to being a talk show host through Kris TV, which is aired daily on ABS-CBN at 9:30 a.m.

The energetic host opened the show by making carrot-apple juice, which was sampled by several audience members. She revealed that drinking carrot-apple juice is part of her morning routine.

Gracing the premiere of Kris TV as her guest is none other than Senator Francis "Chiz" Escudero. Quite popular among the youth, the active senator regularly gives interviews to radio stations.

On Kris TV, the senator bared his other "personal side." Senator Chiz admits that he likes to tinker with things and considers a popular hardware store as one of his hangouts. As such, Kris requested him to "assemble" a stool, which he gamely did.

COOKING ADOBO RICE. The senator was also given the opportunity to showcase his culinary skills by cooking one of his favorite dishes, Adobo Rice.

Kris asked him: "You do like the kitchen talaga?"

He revealed, "Nag-aral ako last year under a foreign chef."

But since the foreign chef taught him complicated dishes, Senator Chiz decided to learn to cook adobo from his friend Reggie Aspiras.

While in the process of cooking, the senator asked Kris: "Gusto mo mas maitim?" pertaining to the soy sauce ingredient. His statement playfully alluded to Makati Mayor Jun-Jun Binay who is being romantically linked to Kris. The audience laughed at Senator Chiz’s teasing.

"Di ko sasagutin ’yon...was Kris’ answer as she added: "Pinagpawisan ako dun ha!"

She mentioned though, "Alam niya kung saan ako nakatira...kaya sinamahan ako..."

ON TREE PLANTING. Earlier, Kris went on a tree-planting session with the senator at the La Mesa Eco Park. He revealed that tree-planting is one of his hobbies.

Kris disclosed that she isn’t a fan of the outdoors but the activity opened her eyes to the joy of communing with Nature.


"Masaya yung feeling to be one with the earth," was her comment.

The senator thoughtfully stated, "Pagkatapos mong magtanim, pakiramdam mo, may nagawa kang kabutihan."

ON LEADING A SIMPLE LIFE. Senator Chiz spent his growing up years in Sorsogon, which is famous for the whale shark or "butanding."

The middle child of seven children, he admitted that he received his first failing mark in first year high school for the subject English. Kris reacted by saying she also received her first red mark in Filipino during her first year in high school.

The Senator stated that he is a simple person. He defines simple by saying, "simple sa pamumuhay. Kung ano ako bago ako naging Congressman at Senador, ganoon pa din. Paano kung di na ako Congressman at Senador, normal pa rin ang buhay..."

Kris revealed that when she saw the Senator during an event, she was surprised to find out that Senator Chiz drove his own car and without any entourage in tow. He considers driving as a form of relaxation.

ON HIS PERSONAL AND FAMILY LIFE. Kris observed that during his guesting on her show, Senator Chiz often talked about his kids but made no mention of his wife of ten years, Christine Elizabeth "Tintin" Flores.

When asked regarding the status of his marriage, the Senator meaningfully remarked, "Tulad ng ilan, maraming pinagdaraanang pagsubok ang sinuman sa buhay pamilya. Ano man ang magiging dulo noon, ang kakahihinatnan noon, siguro panahon lang ang pwedeng magsabi. Ang importante, naandoon, inaalagaan ang mga anak ninyo at hindi napapabayaan. Siguro, panahon lang at tadhana ang makakapagsabi ang mangyayari sa mga susunod na araw, linggo, buwan. At ayokong lagyan ng tuldok ’yon."

Kris asked "Suffice to say, you are taking care of the kids?"

Senator Chiz answered, "Yes. Maayos naman sila at hindi sila mawawalan ng pagmamahal ng nanay nila at hindi din sila mawawalan ng pagmamahal ng tatay nila."


He further added, "Pero magiging perpekto at gagawang buhat perpekto ’yon ’pag lumaki silang tama at maayos...At nakasalalay yon sa mga magulang. Di lang isa..dalawa..."

Just like former President Corazon Aquino, Kris is a single parent. She believes that just like her mom, she can both be a father and mother figure to her two sons: Joshua and Bimby.

Senator Chiz pointed out, "Ang ala-ala man ’yon, ang aktwal na presensiya. Mga salita pa minsan-minsan Ang importante ang imahe, pigura ng ama sa buhay nila. Ang pigura ng ina sa buhay nila..."

ON BEING TEASED TO KRIS. Senator Chiz playfully told Kris his theory why they are being linked together. "May teoriya ako kung bakit tayo nachi-chismis. Chiz ako, miss ka." His remark reduced Kris to giggles and caused the audience to cheer loudly.

Turning serious, Kris asked him how he sees himself fifteen years from now.

Senator Chiz answered, "Sa career, wala na sa pulitika. Siguro nagtuturo kung babalik ako sa pagtuturo. Mas madalas sa probinsiya. Ang buhay pamilya, gaya ng sabi ko, ayokong tuldukan, ayokong i-predict kung ano ang mangyayari. Ang importante, pansamantala, masaya at okay ang mga anak ko. Maganda naman ang relasyon ko sa lahat ng malalapit sa akin, na tinuturi kong malapit sa akin."

Kris learned something significant from her conversation with the senator She conveyed "Yung virtue of being true to yourself at pagiging simple."





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