Kris Aquino showcases Laguna and Forbes condo units of her sons, Josh and Bimby

Kris Aquino recently showed the Laguna and Forbes condo units of her sons, Josh and Bimby (in photo).

Last Friday, July 15, Kris Aquino opened her home to viewers of her morning talk show Kris TV. The TV host-actress showed the condo units located in Laguna as well as another condo unit located in Forbes Park, Makati City.

She candidly revealed: "Nung naging okay na ang hatian namin sa property [with James Yap, her estranged husband], ang ginawa ko agad, nilipat ko in a trust...Ang nangyari kasi ang unit na ito, our original unit, nilipat ko in a trust for Josh [her firstborn son]. Para kahit anong mangyari, kay Josh na ito [referring to the Laguna condo unit]. Yung kabilang unit ang nakapangalan kay Bimby."

Boy Abunda accompanied Kris as she showed every part of the condo unit and narrated anecdotes about their family life.

Kris told the audience, "Papakita ko sa inyo ’yong dalawang master bedrooms sa mga anak ko kasi kanila e, so parang in essence nakikitira lang po ako," she quipped.

In the Laguna unit, it was obvious that Kris is fond of Buddhas since she considers them her lucky charm. They were all over the place.

During this particular episode, Kris also shared tips on how to maximize the space of a condo unit. She said that instead of walls, she opted to have cabinets instead.

"Dito nakalagay ’yong iba-ibang shoes ko, ’tapos boots, ah flats, at least maayos na, sabi nga ng mga kapatid ko finally wala ng clutter."

Kris also narrated stories about the paintings found in the condo units. One of her favorites is the portrait of her mother, former President Cory Aquino, which was done by National Artist Ang Kiukok.

Cynthia and Ivy Almario, the interior designers of Kris’s condo units, also shared details about the place.

"Sa pagrere-decorate ng bahay namin hindi lahat ng bagay bago, may ilang luma na pero after ng makeover bagong-bago na ang dating," said Kris.


The ABS-CBN actress believes in decorating a house, its fine to have your collection as decorations. She quipped, "Dito ang libro ko ang bida!"

"Mga magazines hindi dini-dispose para gawin ding design, and nakaayos per month."

Kris also showed her walk-in closet which, according to her: "Organized per color ang closet ko. Dito makikita ang lahat ng damit pang-TV, pelikula at iba pang public events."

"Dito rin nakalagay ang exercise machines ko para inspirasyon na mag-exercise ako."

JEEPNEY BED. Since Josh wanted a car for his bedroom, Kris thought about giving him a jeepney as bed so it would reflect their Pinoy heritage.

"Galing sa Antipolo ang parts ng jeepney bed ni Josh," revealed Kris. "Pero sa kuwarto mismo ito in-assemble. It’s real."

Beside the jeepney bed, a smaller bed was positioned to serve as the sleeping area of Josh’s yaya. It also had a curtain to provide some privacy for the yaya.

According to Kris, her favorite room in the house is her pink kitchen that is exclusive for her.

"Apat ’yong kusina dito, kitchen number 3 itong pink kitchen, Krissy’s kitchen ito and I’m the only one allowed, it’s special coz it’s pink."

Kris admitted that she personally organized the condiments and ingredients in her pink kitchen because she was inspired by Angel Locsin’s kitchen. "Kung kaya ni Angel, siyempre, dapat ako rin," she said with a smile.

Kris also pointed out that she spends most of her time in the dining room.

"Proudly made in Cebu ang dining set na gawa ng world-class furniture, maker na si Kenneth Cobonpue."

"Philippine-made is equally beautiful sa world-class."

Kris happily showed the mini balcony where they can enjoy an unobstructed view of the Taguig and Makati skyline.

Another special painting found in her house is a painting given by chairman and CEO of ABS-CBN, Geny Lopez, in 1992.


Kris has two guest rooms in her house. One is a shade of red and the other is apple green.

TOYS GALORE. If Josh’s room has a jeepney bed, Bimby’s room is like a toy store. Bimby has a lot of toys inspired by Toy Story because the animated film is one of his favorite movies.

"Si Bimby mismo ang pumili ng color blue para sa kuwarto niya," said Kris.

"Proudly Pampanga-made ang mga drawer."

"May hiwalay na area rin ang mga personal na yaya ni Bimby."

Another useful tip given by Kris is to label all the remote controls and indicate which room it should be placed.

Another special room in the house is the media room, which was constructed to be soundproof to avoid bothering their neigbors.

"Organized per genre o tipo ng pelikula ang DVDs. At, take note, original lahat siyempre."

"Sa labas ng media room matatagpuan agad ang living room ng Forbes unit. Mas vibrant ang pagka-ube ng sa kabilang unit kaysa dito sa isa. Mas serene ang kulay dito."

"Kung sa kabilang unit matatagpuan ang Buddha collection ko, dito naman may ibang pang-pasuwerte, ang paglalagay ng coral o anumang decor na sea creatures sa sala."

Kris also showed another important thing in her house: framed 500 peso bills, the new ones that feature former President Cory Aquino and slain political hero Ninoy Aquino. Kris pointed out that it is rare to have photos of your parents imprinted on currency and to have your brother, Noynoy Aquino, as the signatory.

Finally, Kris gave viewers an exclusive tour of her bedroom. Her room is very simple, not that big as Josh and Bimby’s room. It has a pink Voyage bed made in Cebu by Kenneth Cobonpue.

"Kumpara sa mga kuwarto ni Josh at Bimby, mas maliit at napakasimple ng room ko."


"Pati ’yong banyo ko, it’s just basic at functional lang, maliit lang," she shared.

The dominant colors used in Kris’s condo units are red, pink, violet, and orange, and designed according to her feminine taste.

Kris says about the future man in her life: "Sana gawan naman niya ako ng bahay kahit maliit lang."





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