Jay Taruc becomes a jeepney barker for GMA News TV’s Motorcycle Diaries

Motorcycle Diaries’s host Jay Taruc takes on the job of being a barker or "konduktor" to a jeepney driver in this Friday’s episode titled "King of the Road."


"This Friday on GMA News TV’s Motorcycle Diaries, ride with Jay Taruc as he tags along with Tata Leon, a jeepney driver who has been braving the busy streets of Metro Manila for the past 12 years.

"Like most jeepney drivers, Tata Leon does not own the jeepney he drives, hence his meager earnings for the day mostly goes to his daily "boundary" and diesel expense. Jay will serve as barker/"konduktor" to Tata Leon, in hopes of helping him earn enough to get his family through the day.

"Jay also interacts with other drivers who share more or less the same sentiment that every other jeepney driver has—that despite driving the same route several times each day, it is still quite a struggle to bring home enough income just to make their family survive.

"Will drivers like Tata Leon ever win their endless battle against oil price hikes? What has become of the Pantawid Pasada program supposedly aimed at alleviating their situation? Jay Taruc finds out if there is still hope for these supposed "Kings of the Road" this Friday in Motorcycle Diaries, 8pm on GMA News TV."


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