Piolo Pascual will anchor video-biography Ninoy: Sa Puso ng Pinoy

Piolo Pascual fulfills his dream of becoming a news docu anchor by hosting ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs’ Ninoy: Sa Puso ng Pinoy.


"Many Filipinos honor him as one of our country’s modern day heroes. He is known as the father of President Noynoy Aquino and actress Kris Aquino. He is immortalized in the country’s P500 bill. But who really is the man behind these larger-than-life images?

"For those who grew up not knowing who he really is, here is a chance to learn more about Ninoy Aquino this Sunday (August 21) when ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs commemorates his 28th death anniversary in a video-biography titled Ninoy: Sa Puso ng Pinoy to be hosted by Piolo Pascual.

"This is the first time Piolo will be hosting a documentary, and in an interview with "TV Patrol," the ultimate leading man revealed that he has always wanted to become a journalist like Ninoy; thus, this project is a dream come true for him.

"It has always been my desire to be a news anchor. It is such a big honor for me to narrate such a wonderful story. I hope another opportunity like this would arise in the future," said Piolo in a report aired on TV Patrol.


"Piolo, who once portrayed the martyred senator in a special Maalaala Mo Kaya episode, will show viewers who Ninoy is in the eyes of his children, his siblings, childhood friends, allies and other people he worked or interacted with in the various stages of his life. The special documentary will dig archival photos, videos, and articles on the news archives and other sources to give you a full grasp of what he was like when he was still alive.

"How did Ninoy capture the imagination of Filipinos, enthrall the international media and earn everyone’s respect and admiration? Find out this Sunday (August 21) on Sunday’s Best after Gandang Gabi Vice."

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