Roderick Paulate and Barbara Miguel topbill GMA-7’s Spooky Nights Presents: Munting Mahadera

Barbara Miguel will play a dual role in Spooky Nights Presents: Munting Mahadera. GMA-7’s spoof TV show will be topbilled by Roderick Paulate (right).


"For two Saturdays this September, multi-awarded actor Roderick Paulate topbills the next horror-comedy feature of GMA-7’s Spooky Nights, Munting Mahadera.

"Roderick has been admired for his performance in Munting Heredera, the Kapuso network’s top-rating primetime drama. With co-stars Luz Valdez and Barbara Miguel, he now guarantees laughter and fright as he portrays a closet gay named Rody in a spoof of the drama in Spooky Nights Presents: Munting Mahadera.

"Munting Mahadera is about Rody’s struggle to raise his children as a single father, maintain his macho image for his mother and keep his biggest secret--that he is a homosexual.

"Recently parted ways with his wife, Rody goes back to live with his mother, Felicia (Luz), and takes along with him his twin daughters: the mischievous Bembem and the well-behaved Jenjen (both played by Barbara).

"Rody’s presumptuous and nosy mom believes that there is a dark secret behind his breakup with his wife. Thus, Felicia tries everything to trick him into confessing but Rody never admits until a magical creature comes out of his closet and makes him come clean.


"Meanwhile, Bembem finds herself a new playground in the old and big house of Felicia. She ignores her grandmother’s instruction never to enter a certain room and accidentally frees an evil hag (Odette Khan), who has long been staying there. The hag searches for someone to live with her in the world of shadows and soon aims for Jenjen to be the one.

"Can the evil hag snatch Jenjen away from Rody and Bembem? How will Felicia react upon discovering Rody’s secret? Who is the real "mahadera"--Rody, Felicia, Bembem, Jenjen or the evil hag?

"While Munting Heredera makes viewers cry, this story about obedience, acceptance and familial love definitely offers thrill and humor on the first two Saturdays of September.

"Completing the cast of Spooky Nights Presents: Munting Mahadera are Soxy Topacio as Domeng and Ervic Vijandre as Carlos.

"Catch Spooky Nights Presents: Munting Mahadera before Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho on September 3 and 10 on GMA-7."


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