News5 reporters give in-depth stories on current news via Anggulo

"Sabi namin, this is the right time for a show by our reporters. Kasi, we should be realistic, we also know that the veterans are in the other networks, so what we want to show, with a program like this, is our aggressiveness. ’Yon ang ilalaban namin kasi sa mga beterano," says News5 chief Luchi Cruz-Valdez about the strengths of Anggulo senior correspondents.

News5 chief Luchi Cruz-Valdes admits their group is still young compared to other networks’ news organizations. Nevertheless, the veteran journalist still takes pride in TV5’s reporters.

And to showcase their skill, TV5 created the weekly public affairs program Anggulo. The show profiles the names bannered in the current news and presents a different view about their lives.

Valdes will relate these stories through the help of News5 senior correspondents Jove Francisco, Ina Zara, Benjie, Dorango, Roices Naguit-Sibal, and Maricel Halili.

In its pilot episode, which was shown last September 7, Anggulo featured the lady behind Manny Pacquiao, Jinkee Pacquiao.

In the following episode, September 14, the program looked into the influential and controversial clan in Maguindanao, the Ampatuans.

"Sabi namin, noong nagbe-brainstorm kami, siyempre, we always have to keep improving our line-up, somebody says na, ’Maybe it’s time for a program by reporters.’ Para rin maisalang na sila," relates Valdez about creating a public affairs program which will be made by their reporters.

She further explained, "Parang ang sabi namin [noon], pahihinugin muna namin sila.

"And realizing also na ang pagpapahinog, ay isang proseso na kakailanganin din ng exposure.

"Hindi mahihinog kung hindi mo rin isasalang.

"So, sabi namin, this is the right time for a show by our reporters."

Anggulo is shown every Wednesday after Aksyon Journalismo on TV5. A longer version of its episodes will be shown earlier, at 8:30 p.m., on the same day on Aksyon TV.

GET UP AND GO! News5’s reporters may be young when it comes to experience, but Valdes says their main advantage against older reporters of rival networks is their youthful energy and dynamism.

"Kasi, we should be realistic, we also know that the veterans are in the other networks, so what we want to show, with a program like this, is our aggressiveness.


"’Yon ang ilalaban namin kasi sa mga beterano.

"Ang mga reporters namin, bagama’t medyo bago pa kumpara mo sa iba, hindi mo matatawag...

"Bagito lang sila sa age pero hindi mo mapapantayan ang passion ng bata.

"Kaya wala kaming problema kapag nagpi-field kami ng mga reporters.

"Walang mga sungay pa ito. At saka talagang dedicated pa.

"Kasi, di ba, kapag matagal na, minsan sinasabi, ’’Been there, done that. ’Tapos na ako, kayo na lang.’ ’Yon ang advantage.

"So, we decided na we’re going to work on their strength, at the same time, we’re going to work on their weaknesses."

TRAINING GROUND. Aside from showing the skill of News5 reporters, Valdes also sees Anggulo as an appropriate training to achieve the right skill needed for investigative journalism.

TV5’s news bureau head said, "Parang it’s a good training ground for investigative journalism in the future.

"And I’d like to think that while we’re tackling personalities, it won’t be long now when you see them tackle issues and, of course, the persons behind the issues."

She also mentioned, "This is a fantastic vehicle to do that because this one allows them to go out, interview in-depth so, they’ll learn to pick up interviewing skills.

"And they’ll learn to go more deeply into the story.

"At least, they get to know people more personal, heart-to-heart, hindi parang ambush interview ka lang."

With these qualities, Anggulo team is positive that their program can fare well against other public affairs programs of other TV networks.

Valdes related, "You know, talagang nakikipagsapalaran na kami dito, tinataya na namin ang aming mga reporters [sa programang ito]."





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