Filipina housekeeper Mindy interviews Emmy winners for Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres gave her Filipina housekeeper, Mindy (in photo), the chance to interview some winners of the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards. Mindy was able to chat with Jim Parsons, Melissa McCarthy, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell and Guy Pearce.

Filipina housekeeper Mindy is now an interviewer for Ellen DeGeneres.

The full-blooded Pinay, whose real name is Luzviminda Casimiro, was given the chance to conduct sit-down interviews with some winners of the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards.

Mindy gained fame when she was given her own segment on the American talk-variety show. The Pinay maid started out by giving candid reviews through the segment called "Mindy Movie Minute." She later on gave her opinions about American TV shows through the segment called "Mindy’s Reality Roundup."

According to the Asian Journal, Mindy is a pure blooded Filipina who hails from Tarlac. Her husband, Joel "Boyet" Casimiro, also works for Ellen as a driver. They have been working for TV host-comedian Ellen DeGeneres for about four years already.

Mindy’s latest assignment involved interviewing Hollywood stars after they won their coveted trophies. She was able to chat with Jim Parsons, Melissa McCarthy, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell and Guy Pearce.

Wearing a white T-shirt and beige slacks, Mindy started her segment by putting on huge drop earrings.

Her first guest was Jim Parsons, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Big Bang Theory. As he sat down for the interview, he politely told the Filipina, "Nice to meet you."

Mindy enthusiastically told the actor, "I’m so excited when Ellen told me, ’Mindy, you’re going to the Emmy’s to interview big celebrities’ and now here I am, I’m in front of you."

Jim responded by saying, "I’m nervous to meet you ’coz you work for Ellen."

Mindy asked the actor, "What will you do with your trophy?"

He said, "I think I’ll put it on my piano at home."

Mindy tried to be helpful by saying, "How do you keep it shiny? Do you want some tips?"

When Melissa McCarthy, sat down with her, Mindy introduced herself as Ellen’s housekeeper.

The winner of the Best Lead Actress award in a Comedy Series for Mike & Molly allowed Mindy to hold her trophy but she warned, "You can’t keep it, Mindy."

The Pinay housekeeper then asked the actress where she would keep her trophy. Melissa quipped, "I’m going to lay it in a box between my husband and myself. At least that won’t be creepy."

Modern Family stars Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell, the recipients of the Outstanding Supporting Actress/Actor in a Comedy Series, sat down together for their interview.

Mindy shook hands with both stars and gushed, "Congratulations! You were great. I love to watch your show."

Ty jokingly told Mindy, "I love to watch your earrings. They’re beautiful."

The Pinay housekeeper asked them: "How is it like being married in the show? Are you really married?"

Ty said with a smile, "Not really. But our fake marriage is very strong."

Guy Pearce, who won the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Mini-series/Movie for Mildred Pierce, exchanged jokes with the representative of Ellen. Guy curiously asked, "So, who’s keeping the house? Maybe she’s [Ellen] doing your house."

Mindy giggled and said, "She’s keeping the house. We changed places...Is that your first Emmy?"

Guy admitted, "It is my first Emmy. It’s my first sort of award, really."

Mindy revealed, "We have a lot of those in Ellen’s place. We have like ten...I’m dusting them all the time."

They both said that they loved each other’s accents. Guy revealed that he was from Australia while Mindy said that she was "from PI...the Philippines."

The two were obviously having a ball as Guy eagerly taught her some Aussie words and phrases. He also agreed to have his photo taken with the Pinay housekeeper who held up a cameraphone to snap their portrait together.






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