Antoinette Taus’s vocal group Kinfolk 9 eliminated from The Sing-Off

(L-R) Jenilee Reyes, Mary Akpa, and Antoinette Taus of Kinfolk 9 listen to the comments of the judges of The Sing-Off. Their a capella group was eliminated recently from the competition.

When the third season of The Sing-Off first aired in the United States, Antoinette Taus was blessed enough to be part of the nine-member vocal group Kinfolk 9.

Unfortunately, the former teen star will no longer be seen on the American television singing competition. This is because she and her fellow Kinfolk 9 members were eliminated from the NBC show.

Aside from Antoinette, Jenilee Reyes is another member of Kinfolk 9 who hails from the Philippines.

In the October 3 episode of The Sing-Off, six a capella groups were tasked to sing two songs: a current hit and another popular song from the 1960s.

"PRICE TAG." The Los Angeles-based group, Kinfolk 9, decided to perform Jessie J’s "Price Tag" for the modern hit category.

After their performance, judges Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman then gave their critique.

Sara told the group: "There were really a lot of wonderful moments. Good job. You didn’t grab me from the get-go. I though the beginning was a little bit weak. When he hit the middle of the song, the energy began to expand and it became really joyful."

Ben pointed out: "Serious improvement. This changes my perspective on what you guys can do. The first time, I thought it was all about Moi [Navarro, their lead vocalist during the pilot episode]. This time, I really heard the group. The group really made it this time. The bass really made this thing groove."

Shawn of Boyz II Men fame praised them by saying, "Definitely a solid performance. Vibe was smooth. I could use a bit more dynamics, but good job."

"LET IT BE." The Beatles song "Let It Be" was chosen to be their 1960s song.

Shawn enthusiastically said, "You changed a Beatles song into a gospel. seems like a tear fell out of my face for a second. That was powerful. And how you guys backed him up, it seems like you took it to another level...It felt layered and warm and powerful. That was brilliant."

For her part, Sara also gave positive feedback about the performance. "Moi, you are so emotive and expressive. One of the best things is seeing a performer lose himself in the message of what he’s singing. It was so natural. I’ve felt that myself when your body becomes an instrument as well. You are a gospel choir right there. Well done."

Ben observed, "Moi, that was an outstanding performance. You really sing with a lot of soul. The group was backing you up spiritually. Your sound isn’t big. If it’s really going to hit me in the chest, everyone could open up a little more and not be so focused. That was your best performance yet."

Despite the judges’ positive comments, The Sing-Off host Nick Lachey revealed that Kinfolk 9 and the all-girl group Delilah were ranked as the bottom two.

The host summarized the journey of Kinfolk 9 by saying: "You started out as friends, borne out of your shared struggles as artists. In the premiere, Moi started out as a superstar vocalist despite the group’s uneven performance. Tonight, the judges thought you soared on your ’60s challenge but they felt you didn’t own it in your big hits song."

Nick then revealed, "The judges want to convey that these two groups gave powerful performances tonight and this is one of the hardest decisions they had to make this early in the season.

It turns out that vocal group Delilah will remain in the competition while Kinfolk 9 had to bid farewell that night.

Nick addressed the Los Angeles-based singing group by saying, "Kinfolk 9, your passion, your story and your sound were so inspiring. You guys are true, true artists. We know you’re going to have a lot of success in the music industry. I’m sorry...but it’s time to sing your swan song."

The nine members then performed their goodbye song, "Loser" by Beck.

As a result, Kinfolk 9 lost its chance to win the $200,000 grand prize and recording contract with Sony Music.

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