Oyo Sotto plays a call boy in "Maalala Mo Kaya" this Friday, July 20

Oyo Sotto plays Roy while Michelle Madrigal is Beth in the July 20 episode of Maalala Mo Kaya, which airs tonight on ABS-CBN.

Oyo Sotto takes on the challenging role of portraying a call boy (male prostitute) for the July 20 episode of Maalala Mo Kaya. Under the direction of Jeffrey Jeturian, Oyo puts himself in the shoes of a desperate young man who turns his life around after realizing that he shouldn’t lose hope while he is still alive.

The actor’s episode in the ABS-CBN Friday night drama anthology also coincides with the last airing date of his reunion project with Anne Curtis, Sineserye Presents: May Minamahal, which airs before TV Patrol World.

Maalala Mo Kaya July 20 episode


Because of poverty, Roy’s desire to pursue college leads him to a life in prostitution. He supports himself in this way, knowing that his parents wouldn’t give him anything. But he still ends up broke because his earnings can’t catch up with his needs. Roy also experiences everybody’s mockery. He quits school and ends up without a life and without a future. Until one day, a close friend is stabbed to death by defending Roy from being ill-treated because of his being a call boy. His friend’s death makes Roy realize that his life was worth saving after all. He begins to looked at his life in a new light and tries to prove that his life is worth a friend’s sacrifice.


Director: Jeffrey Jeturian
Writer: Shugo Praico


Oyo Boy Sotto - Roy
Alwin Uytingco - Mark
Soliman Cruz - Ador
Michelle Madrigal - Beth
Gigi Locsin - Mark’s Mother
Mark Joshua Sayarot - Young Roy
Joshua Dionisio - Young Mark


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