Startalk celebrates its 16th anniversary by unleasing "16 explosive questions"

GMA-7’s Saturday afternoon showbiz talk show, Startalk, is hosted by (from upper left, clockwise) Joey de Leon, Butch Francisco, Lolit Solis and Ricky Lo.


"GMA Network’s Startalk cheers to their unprecedented 16th year anniversary.

"Every year, Startalk has delivered unparalleled showbiz reporting, making it the country’s longest running and trusted showbiz authority.

"The Startalk Anniversary Special dubbed as Startalk TX Now reaffirms the program’s commitment in giving their best efforts to present unbiased stories and controversies to the viewers.

"Headed by the reputable showbiz authorities--Lolit Solis, Butch Francisco, Joey de Leon and Ricky Lo--anticipate more exclusive reports, exciting segments and explosive interviews that will surely spice up televiewers’ Saturday afternoon TV habit.

"To cap of their 16th year anniversary celebration, Startalk TX Now will unveil "16 explosive questions" that everyone is dying to ask their favorite celebrities. These questions will be divided in 3 major segments: Past is Fast (Stories that delve into definite endings that have led to a new stage in life: moving on to a fresh direction); Present is Perfect (Stories that deal with current relationships and stages that as of the moment are perfect) and Future is Tense (Stories that show celebrities in a precarious state where nothing is certain and risk on answering issues is what they have to face).


"The program’s 16th anniversary celebration will further continue giving the viewers credible, accurate and substantial showbiz news every Saturday.

"It’s a back-to-back league of intrigues this weekend on GMA-7. Don’t miss the momentous celebration of Startalk TX Now on Saturday, October 8, 2011, right after Eat Bulaga. And get ready as Showbiz Central showers you with the hottest controversies and showbiz exclusives on Sunday, October 9, 2011, right after Tween Hearts."

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