Andi Eigenmann reveals Gabrielle is the second name of her baby girl

Andi Eigenmann’s mother, Jaclyn Jose, chose the baby’s second name, "Gabrielle."

Young actress and mom-to-be Andi Eigenmann was Kris Aquino’s special guest in ABS-CBN’s morning talk show, Kris TV.

Radiant and blooming, the Agua Bendita star answered the TV host’s questions with candor in the episode aired earlier today, October 12. This episode also served as a baby shower for Andi who is due to give birth this November.

When asked about her baby girl’s name, Andi revealed, "My mom [Jaclyn Jose] named her Gabrielle. It will be her second name. I’m still thinking of her first name. Her nickname will be Ellie."

Gabrielle happens to be the name of Andi’s character in ABS-CBN’s defunct primetime teleserye Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin.

When your mom found out, did she cry?

Andi admitted, "She did cry but never in front of me...Obvious na kakaiyak lang niya. Nakikita ko naman that she’s showing me she’s strong and that I will stay strong also. Para alam ko, naandiyan lang siya. At saka, hwag ako mag-alala.


"Feeling ko, ayaw niyan ipakita yung weakness, you can still see it. You can still feel it. Kasi, mommy ko naman siya. Alam ko, masakit pa rin. Pero eventually, it was easy to accept that.

"The tears that she had eventually served as tears of joy because it’s not really such a bad thing. Since when was it a bad thing to get pregnant and be blessed with a child, right?"

How did you find out you were pregnant?

"I found out...getting symptoms, after Holy Week."

She revealed that she took the pregnancy test with the father of her child. Andi did not name the father of her child but she recalled that they were still together at that time. "Sabi niya, kailangan naming mag-test. Nakakatakot lalo na for one month [delayed] just to be sure. And to our surprise, positive.

Kris then followed it up by asking: "When did the communication stop?"


Andi revealed, "After it was confirmed that I was pregnant...nawala yung communication namin after..."

The actress then decided to keep the baby whom she considers a blessing. "That’s why I can keep everything casual and tell my side of the story. Ako lang naman. Di siya kasama."

Kris stated that the young star had previously starrd in Agua Bendita and Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin when she was promised another soap titled Maria Mercedes. The talk show host inquired what would happen to her career.

Andi remarked, "Yeah, yung takot ko doon kasi. It’s not about being married or being single or bata pa ako dahil 21 lang ako. It’s because hindi po talaga ako much plans for myself."

"Yung career ko po, nagsisimula pa lang. I was still in the verge of trying to do better things with my job. To prove myself even further here in this industry. Sobrang nakakatakot kasi. Ayokong mawala ’yon kasi sobrang importante yon kasi."


She ruefully remarked, "If you believe yourself to be in love, di mo na maiisip kung ano ang mawawala. Gagawin na lang ng gagawin. And with me, ganoon po ang nangyari."

"But this is a blessing. I’m not being punished for being blessed with a child. I know it. Ini-embrace ko po ’yon the fact na mangyayari na siya this year, I fell in love with her right away of course and got excited about everything. Okay lang sa akin. I took the risk."

Did it help also to see your mom being strong to take care of you?

The actress pointed out, "Of course I did. Yung decisions ko binase ko din on how I see my mom. On how she acts upon every obstacle, lahat ng mga challenges na binibigay sa kanya sa buhay. Medyo, tinignan ko rin ang sarili ko in her shoes and thinking kung kaya ko ba ito. And alam ko, kaya ko...Kaya ko dahil alam ko naandiyan para suportahan ako...Kailangan kong gawin kung ano ang tama....And true enough after I’ve decided to do what is right and be honest about everything. After going with the flow, everything fell into place."


"Wala namang po nawala...probably projects. Projects that were supposed to be mine before may not be offered again. Pero di naman ibig sabihin, di na ako pwedeng magtrabaho. Di na pwedeng bumalik sa showbiz. Alam ko wala akong gini-give up para mag-raise ng child para baguhan ang takbo ng buhay ko."

When was the last time you talked to him?

"A long time ago. Months ago...mga four months ago" was her reply.

Did he initiate the talk or did Andi approach him?

Andi said, "I did, thinking baka ...sobrang showbiz noon. If ever na may maririnig siya o ako, sa TV lang. Baka pwede for the last time para mapag-usapan namin...para at least alam namin. Ano ba yong parang di naman kami together for two years para makarinig ako sa media na masasabi niya. Inisip ko naman na pwedeng i-keep ko ito personally. Di naman kailangang pag-usapan on TV kung sino yung didn’t work."


Kris inquired if Andi felt any self-pity.

She candidly said, "Yeah. May mga times na naiiyak pa rin ako. Di ako makapaniwala. For a person to be willing to be there for another. Parang may isang tao para lang naandiyan para sa yo kahit na ano ang mangyari. Pero pag may problema na, ayaw niyang i-face. Naawa ako sa sarili ko."

"Pero para sa akin, I have friends. Maybe we were meant to be. I can tell myself I am meant to be with someone better."

DNA TEST? Another question was raised about undergoing a DNA test to determine the father of her child. Kris asked: "Is there a part of you that doesn’t want to take the DNA test?"

Andi responded by saying, "I wouldn’t go through the hassle. Di ko naman sila kailangan. But if it will come from them, no choice....It wouldn’t change anything. I will do everything on my own. And no matter what happens, di ko sila hihingin ng kahit na ano or aasahan na mag-take on ng any responsibility.


Without mentioning names, Kris asked the actress about her rumored "boyfriend" and supportive friend.

Andi commented, "He’s still my friend. He’s not here in the country. Nag-aaral po siya sa ibang bansa. Up to now, we still talk almost everytime. He’s there for me like a real friend. Just like my other friends. It so happen na lalaki siya kaya napaghusgahan siya. Good friend up to now. Naandiyan pa rin siya."

SINGLE MOTHERS. The Queen of All Media delved into a discussion on responsible parenthood at a very young age.

TEENAGE MOTHERS. Apart from Andi, Kris had guests by the names of Cheska, Hannah and Edna who shared their experiences of being moms in their teens.

One of her guests, Edna, who currently appears in the teleserye My Binondo Girl, became emotional when she talked about her own pregnancy. Noong nabuntis ako, nagtratrabaho pa ako. May sitcom pa ako dito That’s My Dok. Tapos nalaman ko, four months dahil irregular ako. Tapos ang hirap noong time na yon ang daming projects. Hindi ko alam kung paano ko sila tanggihan.


She narrated, "Yung unang na disappoint ko noong nabuntis ako was my dad. Dream niyang mag-artista ako...ang dami niyang sinacrifice. Hindi ko inisip yung time na ’yon."

Kris was vocal about being well informed about responsible parenthood. "Yan ang problema. Sa conservative society, di na pag-uusapan. Dapat na pag-uusapan ng medyo matanda ang parents mo, at least an older sibling, a cousin."

She added, "Open communication talaga...about options, choices and about responsibility."

BABY SHOWER. On a lighter side, the talk show host surprised Andi with a baby shower. Two of Andi’s closest showbiz friends, Megan Young and Nikki Bacolod, gave her adorable baby gifts: a bib set and a musical toy.

Since it was Andi’s first baby shower, the actress received a lot of wonderful baby gifts such as an identical pair of diamond earrings for her and her baby, a stroller, baby carrier, playpen, bottle sterilizer, milk containers, breast pump, dainty diaper bags, support pillow for breastfeeding, cloth diapers, baby clothes and other baby toiletries.


Kris’ last question to Andi: what lifelong lesson did she learn from all these experiences?

The Kapamilya star pointed out, "Yung natutunan ko dito, huwag magmadali. Huwag mong kakalimutan na mahalin mo ang sarili mo bago magmahal ng iba. Dapat alam mo lagi ang priorities."

Kris summarized the show by telling Andi, "Responsible parenthood...being responsible for the action. Commitment is also lifelong. Your baby Ellie is going to be a part of your life forever. A baby is forever. Maybe the love is not forever. Maybe somebody better will come."





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