Paulo Avelino is cursed to become a merman in Cocoy Shokoy

Paulo Avelino’s character learns about the true value of winning in Wansapanataym presents Cocoy Shokoy.

After his guest appearance on ABS-CBN’s primetime show 100 Days to Heaven, new Kapamilya actor Paulo Avelino topbills this Saturday’s (October 15) episode of Wansapanataym.

In the episode titled Cocoy Shokoy, Paulo will breathe to life the character of Cocoy, a young man who is always used to winning. Cocoy is always on top of everything and everyone especially when it comes to love and his favorite sport, swimming. So when a new guy arrives on campus threatening his reign and winning streak, Cocoy goes all-out against him even if it means abusing the ’magic kwintas’ (magical necklace) granted to him by a merman. His plan backfires as his own magical necklace curses him and turns him into a merman himself.

Also starring Coleen Garcia, Jobic Susim, Janus del Prado, Cai Cortez, and Amu Nonleza, Cocoy Shokoy is under the direction of Bu Darnel Joy and written by Joel Mercado.


Discover how Cocoy learns the true value of winning on another lesson-filled episode of Wansapanataym this Saturday night on ABS-CBN after TV Patrol Weekend.


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