Sid Lucero plays vengeful son in July 27 episode of "Maalala Mo Kaya"

Sid Lucero plays Jessie, a son who is obsessed with killing his father’s murderer, in the Maalala Mo Kaya episode that will air this Friday, July 27.

He’s been blessed with acting genes, having been born of parents known for their success in both the big and small screens. Sid Lucero, who is Timothy Mark Eigenmann in real life, is the son of actor Mark Gil and former commercial and fashion model Bing Pimentel. The young star got his screen name from his father’s memorable role as Sid Lucero in the Mike de Leon classic movie Batch ’81.

The star of the indie film Donsol comes into his own as he topbills the July 27 episode of Maalala Mo Kaya (MMK).

In a story written and helmed by first-time director Dado Lumibao, who also happens to be the head writer of the award-winning drama anthology, Sid plays a man in search of his father’s killer.

Jessie (Sid Lucero) is obsessed with finding the drunkard who stabbed his father. Since the police aren’t able to track his father’s murderer, Jessie decides to take matters in his own hands and look for the murderer on his own. Despite a lot of obstacles that come his way, the hotheaded son vows to avenge his father’s death. However, just as he is about to exact his revenge, Jessie discovers that the guilty party already has a family of his own. Will he let this little fact alter his lifelong goal, or will he let it change his life forever?


Ronnie Lazaro and Malou de Guzman are also part of this MMK episode that will air this Friday, July 27. Watch the intense performance of Sid Lucero in Maalala Mo Kaya during the Primetime Bida slot of the Kapamilya Network.


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