Meet the new housemates of Pinoy Big Brother UnliDay and Pinoy Big Brother UnliNight

Pinoy Big Brother UnliDay housemates Jessica Connelly (Pinay Snow White ng Taguig), Lordwin Claveria (Maabili-Daddy ng Quezon), and Lyn Elimanco (Maid of Honor ng Surigao) were introduced on November 5, 2011.


"A string of surprises gripped not only viewers last night (November 5), but also the Pinoy Big Brother housemates themselves with the revelation of Kuya’s second house and the 15 additional housemates for its back-to-back treat Pinoy Big Brother UnliDay and Pinoy Big Brother UnliNight.

"Before revealing the second house, former mole Carlo, despite failing to accomplish all of Kuya’s tasks, was inducted as an official housemate after 12 out of the 13 housemates voted for him to stay.

"Following an incredible turn of events, Pamu, Paco, Kevin, Jaz, Kim and Seichang bid a teary farewell after being evicted from the "looban" or the first house, believing their PBB stint had ended there.

"One of the biggest twists last night was the revelation that they will only move to Kuya’s industrial-themed house next door that will be featured in a separate program, Pinoy Big Brother UnliDay, which will air weekdays before Reputasyon on Kapamilya Gold.

"Joining them are the Pinay Snow White of Taguig Jessica Connelly, a Filipino-Irish lady who wants to pursue a singing career, the Maabili-Daddy of Quezon Lordwin Claveria, a reformed womanizer who currently works as fish vendor and cellphone technician, and Surigao’s House Maid of Honor Lyn Elimanco, a hard-working househelp of eight years.

"UnliDay housemates also include a former hostess and painter in Japan, Erica Arlante, the Loving Nanayuki of Bacolod, and the friendly and proud virgin Unad Hernandez, the Maginoong Barako of Batangas. Steph Enage, an insurance agent who dreams of working overseas is the Benta Babe of Leyte, while Mark Luz, who serves as vice president of his family business, is the Model Loverboy of QC.


"Also gearing up for the reality show is Naprey Almario, the Strong Wheeled Teacher of Davao, the first PBB housemate with disability. Now a Computer Science instructor, he was stricken with polio when he was eight years old.

"Meawhile, completing the UnliNight line-up with Kigoy, Biggel, Roy, Divine, Luz, Tin, Carlo, and Slater are the seven new housemates that entered the "looban" last night.

"Jerico Redrico, the Hunky Cabalen of Pampanga, left his job in the U.S. to try his luck in Philippine showbiz, while Anatoly Chua, the Driver Sweet Father of Surigao Del Sur, worked as a taxi driver in the US to pay the remaining debts of his family that had returned to the Philippines.

"There is Fine Arts graduate Diane Aquino, the Seksi Bossing of QC, and security guard Eting Busarang, the Sekyulele of Cebu, who lived most of his life in a town with no electricity.

"Get to know more about the 19-year old breadwinner Casey Austria, the Uragon DJ of Legaspi, Filipino-Indonesian ramp model Wendy Tabusalla, the Biba Rampadora of Muntinlupa, and nursing board exam topnotcher Joya Genzola, the Bini-brainy of Negros Occidental.

"For their first task as UnliNight housemates, the seven had to soak in a pool of greasy black water before entering the "looban." Upon entering the house, they must find and persuade a buddy among the original housemates to bathe them without speaking.

"Don’t miss the exciting developments in Pinoy Big Brother UnliNight with Toni Gonzaga weeknights after Nasaan Ka Elisa? in Primetime Bida and Pinoy Big Brother UnliDay with Bianca Gonzales weekdays before Reputasyon in Kapamilya Gold. Also stay tuned to PBB Unlimited Updates with Robi Domingo during "Kapamilya Blockbusters" on ABS-CBN.


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