Young orphan befriends lovable alien named "Kokey"

Joshua Cadelina (left) and Julia Baretto befriend the alien Kokey in the sci-fi series named after the lovable creature. The show premieres on ABS-CBN starting Monday, August 6, 2007.

Here to invade local television is the wacky and lovable alien Kokey. Adapted from the 1997 Star Cinema film directed by Ronny Suzara, this sci-fi series stars Little Big Superstar runner-up Joshua Cadelina and starts airing this Monday, August 6.

Bong (played by Joshua) is a young boy with a pure heart and wild imagination. Orphaned at an early age, he creates in his mind a world where he is loved and cared for. His life completely changes when a spaceship lands right at their orphanage. Aboard this spaceship is Kokey, who instantly becomes Bong’s friend.

Wenn Deramas directs the fantaserye Kokey that tells the story of an earthling and an alien every weeknight. The tale of an orphan who’s bursting with fantasies he longs to fulfill and an alien who seeks his help to carry out his mission on earth will warm viewers’ hearts. Their struggles begin when Kokey finds his spaceship destroyed and the precious stone missing from its caretakers’ hands. Surprise twists and turns further complicate Kokey’s dilemma.


Joining this amazing quest are promising child stars Joshua as Bong, a misunderstood orphan who dreams of belonging to a family who will love and accept him as he is; and Julia Baretto as Anna, a girl who seems too mature for her age and who becomes Bong’s closest friend.

Adding her glitz to the TV series is the beautiful Ruffa Gutierrez who will perform a different facet in her role this time. She is Trining, the perfect housewife to Nanding, a successful businessman, played by Redford White,.

Viewers can look forward to Eugene Domingo’s signature funny antics as she takes on the role of Charisse, an ex-girlfriend of Nanding, who considers herself a rival of Trining. She is also wife to Marcial, played by Jojit Lorenzo, the envious business partner of Nanding. Rhap Salazar acts as their son Jimboy whose favorite pastime is to bully Anna. Megan Young plays Shane, the social worker closest to Bong, while Zanjoe Marudo is cast as Abie, an aspiring pilot who falls for Shane.


What is the mystery surrounding Bong’s parentage? Who holds the key to the whereabouts of the precious stone? And how will Kokey accomplish his mission?

Make friends with Kokey starting August 6, right after TV Patrol at ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.


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