Bea Binene embarks on a magical adventure as the teenage witch in Alice Bungisngis

The cast of Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis will fill your afternoons with magic, laughter and excitement as viewers follow the adventures of the good, teenage witch.

Bea Binene stars as the lead character in Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis, the story of a young witch who, at first, did not know of her magical powers and true identity.

The story goes back to an old "manggagaway" (sorceress) named Tandang Alicia who adopted a girl named Esmeralda (Jean Garcia) and treated her like her own and even taught her the art of witchcraft. This is despite the fact that she already has her own daughter, Matilda (Ana Roces).

Over time, Esmeralda was possessed by her desire for power and started using it for her selfish intentions. This is when Tandang Alicia realized her mistake and decided to put an end to Esmeralda’s wicked ways by turning her into an old tree. Unfortunately, the spell also took the old woman’s life and Matilda was left grieving.

After some time, Matilda gave birth to an adorable baby girl whom they named, Alice. Matilda and her husband Hilario (Janno Gibbs) saw the baby as an image of the late Tandang Alicia with her kindness and wit.

Unbeknownst to them, Esmeralda has found a way to gather some of her powers though she still remained in the form of an old tree. She sought for Alice thinking that the little girl could undo the curse. She succeeded in abducting the girl at first but Matilda and Hilario made a stand to protect their child. Amidst the chaos, Matilda will be cursed to become and old woman and Hilario, to be trapped in a jar of sap. Meanwhile, Alice will be missing, leading the couple to believe she’s dead and leaving them in misery.

But a kind farmer named Ipeng (Buboy Garrovillo) will find the child and take her under his care. He will raise Alice in an orphanage where he works as an all-around handy man.


Alice’s adventures will begin at the institution where she will grow up with love despite the absence of her real parents. However, other girls at the orphanage will find her weird because of her unusual laughter and because of how everything she utters would come true. Because of her odd traits, they will mistreat her and give her a hard time. But Alice will meet brother Ace and Spade, who will become close friends she can turn to. Eventually, she will develop deeper feelings for Ace but this will be opposed by his mother, Maggie (Irma Adlawan).

Maggie plotted to expel Alice from the institution. In a gathering in honor of Don Zaldy (Roy Alvarez), the philanthropist supporting the institution, the orphanage will be set on fire causing the old man’s death. Alice will be accused of causing this incident.

Alice then escaped and went into hiding. When she was about to be captured, Esmeralda shows up and claims to be her mother. Initially, it was difficult for Alice to believe that Esmeralda was really her mother. But the wicked witch did everything to gain her trust and even rescued Alice from the people chasing after her. Soon, Alice was convinced and wholeheartedly accepted Esmeralda as her mother and would even obey all her wishes.

One day, Alice and Ace crossed paths. Ace still felt hatred towards Alice, believing she was really behind his grandfather’s death. They begin to feel enmity towards each other which was made even worse by Esmeralda’s dirty ploys.

In trying to prove her innocence, Alice was punished by her pseudo-mother. It was then that she fled and found refuge in Lola Andeng, a vendor she met on the streets. Because of her impoverished state, Alice tried to help the old woman using her magical powers. But upon learning about her ability, Lola Andeng sent her away. Little did Alice know that the old woman is actually her long, lost mother who was cursed to become old.


After a while, Alice learned that Lola Andeng is sick so she went back to take care of her. On that night, the moonlight shone on the old woman’s face and revealed her real identity. Alice found out that Lola Andeng was in fact, her mother. With this discovery, Alice vowed to stay by her mother’s side and keep her safe.

In time, Esmeralda and her minions tracked them down and to make matters worse, Alice found out that Ace and Ipeng were bewitched by the evil sorceress. Alice is now forced to use her powers to defend herself and her loved ones. Will good finally triumph over evil?

Follow the adventures of Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis on GMA-7 beginning February 6, right before 24 Oras.





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