Mara Yokohama assured a spot in Top 3 of Survivor Philippines; final Tribal Council to take place tonight

Maey Bautista (leftmost) was voted off in last week’s Tribal Council. (Top frame, L-R) Stef Prescott, KC Montero, Mara Yokohama, and Betong Sumaya will take part in the final Tribal Council tonight, February 6. Mara (bottom frame) won the last immunity challenge, assuring her a spot in the Top 3 of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown.

After a touching tribal council last week where castaway Maey Bautista was voted off, Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown is set to announce its final three castaways as the reality show enters finale week this Monday, February 6.

The remaining Survivor Philippines season 4 castaways KC Montero, Mara Yokohama, Stef Prescott, and Betong Sumaya went through an immunity challenge last week called Last Man Standing which would give the winner a sure spot in the Top 3. Mara and Betong were the two castaways who managed to stay for more than two hours in a pole. Mara won the challenge after Betong lost his balance and fell in the water.

Castaways KC, Stef, and Mara kicked off Maey from the island. She is now the 6th jury member joining Chuckie Dreyfus, Arthur Solinap, John Odulio, Gino dela Pena, and Arnold Aninion in the Jury House. However, Maey did not leave the island empty-handed when KC gave her his extra reward prize—a brand new car. It can be recalled that KC won another reward challenge after solving a difficult puzzle while blindfolded. He received a brand new car as a reward. Unknown to everyone, the reward has a twin prize which the winner must give to his/her fellow castaway.

This Monday night, Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown will hold its last tribal council before the finale. With Mara holding a sure spot in the top 3 slots, who among KC, Stef, and Betong will seize the last two posts? And who will be voted off and become Survivor’s 7th jury member?

Find out who will manage to outwit, outplay, and outlast the rest to become P3 Million richer and earn the title of the newest Celebrity Sole Survivor as Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown begins its finale week this Monday night, February 6, after Legacy on GMA Telebabad.






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