Dawn Zulueta and Coco Martin shot scenes for Walang Hanggan in Milan, Italy

Coco Martin was able to visit Milan and Rome for the first time because of his work for ABS-CBN’s teleserye, Walang Hanggan. He was able to visit Italy with his co-star, Ms. Dawn Zulueta.

Dawn Zulueta and Coco Martin recently flew to Milan, Italy to shoot some scenes for ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida teleserye Walang Hanggan.

In the story, Coco’s character, Daniel, will begin to experience the fortunate twist and turns of fate as he decides to leave the Alcantara’s hacienda with his heart shattered after overhearing Katerina’s (Julia Montes) doubts about their future together.

Upon knowing this, Emily (Dawn Zulueta) sees the opportunity to finally begin her much-awaited vengeance against the Montenegros through Daniel. Amid her plans, Emily’s maternal instinct will prevail as she gets closer with Daniel in their wine business venture in Italy.

Will Emily finally discover that Daniel is her son? How will Daniel cope with his new life?

Walang Hanggan airs weeknights, on its new time slot after E-Boy on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.


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