Bubble Gang’s Boy Pick Up meets PEP team as it celebrates its fifth anniversary

Bubble Gang mainstays Eri Neeman (leftmost, wearing gray), Ogie Alcasid (second from left, kneeling), James Obeso of Moymoy Palaboy (fifth from left, standing), Michael V (third from right, kneeling) and Sam Pinto (rightmost, kneeling) gamely posed for a shot with the PEP team.

Infectious laughter and spontaneous cheers filled Studio 6 of GMA Network last Monday, February 20, when the "Boy Pick Up" segment was being taped for the comedy show Bubble Gang.

What made this segment more fun (at least, to us) is the presence of 14 members of the PEP.ph team who were there to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the entertainment website.

The "Boy Pick Up" segment begins with a contender who will show his skills in delivering pick up lines that will impress Neneng B (portrayed by Sam Pinto).

The stars undergo a change of image for this particular segment. As Boy Pick Up, Ogie wears a fake beard and a cap while Michael V (who plays MC Bits) wears an sleeveless hoodie matched with shades and a bandana to hold his long hair. Comic duo Moymoy Palaboy, Gwen Zamora, Jackie Rice, and Eri Neeman also join in the hilarious fun.

This marked the first time that Betong Sumaya joined the "Boy Pick Up" segment of Bubble Gang. The comedian (who was dubbed as Bisugo during this segment) was recently declared as the winner of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown. He was pitted against Antonio Aquitania who is known as Boy Dahon.

Before the segment wrapped up, Ogie Alcasid (aka Boy Pick Up) made it a point to greet the team by saying: "Binabati ko ang mga PEPsters. Happy fifth anniversary sa PEP!"

Because of the strong following of Boy Pick Up, GMA Films is planning to release a spin-off movie based on the said segment.

Solenn Heussaff is tapped to be the leading lady of Ogie in this upcoming film. In a recent interview, Solenn admitted, "’Yong baluktot na pagta-Tagalog ko, funny na! So, okey lang ’yon. Advantage na bulol ang dila ko. Mag-start kami ng shooting itong February na kasi April yata ang playdate."


Get to see the battle of wits and cheesy lines during the February 24 episode of Bubble Gang.





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