Abot ang kilig hanggang metaverse: He’s Into Her to stream S2 finale in U-COINVille for free

Papakiligin ka hanggang metaverse.
Jul 29, 2022

Fans of the popular teen rom-com series He's Into Her agreed that the latest episode was an emotional roller coaster. There are plenty of things to anticipate now that season 2 is ending. True to the title of episode 15's "Second Chances," we're rooting for our main characters, Deib and Max, on their journey to love and healing.

While viewers are still hanging on to the kilig this series offers generously, we're excited to see how HIH concludes the season. Aside from the thrilling finale, this show is entering another universe to return the love and appreciation to its fans.

Romance is the next level for He's Into Her because on August 3, it will be streaming its season 2 finale for free inside the metaverse! DeibMax shippers, welcome to U-COINVille, the first metaverse hub in the country by Unilever Philippines.

If you don’t want to miss out, here’s how you can register for U-COINVille:

  1. Log in to www.ucoinville.com.ph and register using your mobile number.
  2. Create your avatar.
  3. Once you’re done customizing your avatar, visit U-Ditorium to stream. You will also find invitations to stream HIH in your avatar’s base called U-Home.

Kilig + rewards from U-COINVille

The joy does not end in streaming He's Into You. New users and viewers can explore U-COINVille to collect U-COINs, the official rewards system of Unilever Philippines. U-COINs are exchangeable for food, load, cash, discounts, and even gas. To start collecting your U-COINs, just click on the featured billboards at U-Ditorium. You don't just get to watch, you also get to play, learn, and take cool prizes.

Vist other hubs like POND’S Summer Escape which lets you play a fruit scavenger hunt in exchange for a voucher you can use on your next POND’S purchase. POND'S Summer Escape also offers tidbits on its products and some skincare tips too!

If you’re a foodie who loves cooking simulation games, you can try Knorr’s Kusina Ni Norie at Taste Town. Norie, Knorr's official cooking tita, will guide you through simple cooking lessons that will inspire you to release your inner chef.

You can also try other hubs from Unilever brands like Baby Dove Real Moms Village and soon visit Selecta’s Snack Park. If you’re curious about all the hype on U-COINVille, here’s a rundown of everything.

If you're convinced, register to U-COINVille to stream and collect prizes.

Visit www.ucoin.com.ph to find out more about U-COINs and their rewards. Follow Unilever Philippines’ official Facebook for more updates.

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