The 8 kinds of teleserye viewers

Find out if you can relate to any of these types.
Nov 16, 2016

It can be said that watching (and following) teleseryes is part of Pinoy culture. These shows influence the things we talk about both in real life and online. They even affect our schedules and plans.

However, it's different for everyone. Are you any of these teleserye viewer types?


The TV network loyalist

Are you devoted to a single TV network? If yes, you can recite the order of the shows, actor names and roles, showbiz news, and nuances of its teleseryes. A typical weeknight goes like this: You watch all of the primetime shows after the evening news until you reach the late-night news.


The ultimate fan

You're loyal to a love team, watching their actors' every teleserye, not to mention their movies and events. When you hear or read negative things being said about them, you fight back. You also wish that they fall in love with each other in real life and be together forever.


The overseas Pinoy

You're one of the viewers abroad who miss everything about the Philippines, including the teleseryes. You have overseas channel subscriptions and watch teleseryes and other Filipino shows to somehow ease the homesickness. Sometimes, you know them even better than the Pinoys back home.


The peer-pressured viewer

You usually say, "What is this show all about? Hindi ako maka-relate sa officemates ko." You don't really watch teleseryes, but just so you can understand what your friends are talking about, you watch an episode or two. Who knows, you might get hooked.


The secret follower

You're hooked on a teleserye, but you're in denial. Maybe it's because you've been told, "Bakit ka nanonood nun? Hindi naman maganda e." If you're watching an episode with other people and someone changes the channel, you're bound to say, "Teka lang, mamaya mo na ilipat."


The 'first and last' viewer

You have no patience to follow the teleserye in its entirety and just watch the first and last episodes. You're not interested enough, you're probably too busy, or perhaps you're in denial that you actually like the teleserye. Aminin!


The secondhand viewer

You usually say to an avid viewer, "Ikuwento mo na lang sa akin yung nangyari kahapon." You're even less interested than the 'first and last' viewer, but you think it still pays to be updated on the hit teleserye of the moment.


The binge watcher

With the advent of internet streaming services such as HOOQ, there's a new kind of teleserye viewer: the binge watcher. You look forward to weekends at home when you can watch one episode after the other with no commercial breaks. You can even watch old teleseryes for the ultimate throwback.

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