Kris Aquino: Penthouse Living


Kris Aquino's place is Penthouse No. 5 of one of Makati's newest high-rise condominiums. There are only two units on her floor. What immediately catches your attention when you enter her living room—are the vibrant colors. "I love it!" says Kris. "It's a reflection of me."

Fire and spice and everything nice—that's Kris Aquino in real time. She's tough in the face of the controversies that hound her, but she remains gracious and interesting through it all.

From the time she was a kid, speaking at campaign rallies on behalf of a detained father, to the time she grew up to see her mother elected as president of the republic, Kris has lived her life in the public eye. Public fascination with her persona has not abated, with fans and nitpickers alike lapping up every cliff-hanging episode in her telenovela life. Advertisers know that, and it helps explain the continuing parade of products that have sought her services as endorser.

The penthouses unit that Kris leases reflects this colorful life. It's a place that can be wild yet serene, with a palette of hot pinks and bright greens combining with citrus colors, in a space that is studiedly spare but clearly rich in feel.


The choice of colors reveals the fearless in Kris, including openness to experimenting with styles. Yet, despite the diversity, everything looks to be in order. Different textures—say, the wenge-finish furniture pieces against crushed bamboo walls—come together to make one fabulous work of art for one fabulous star.

(Grab a copy of YES! Celebrity Homes, Volume 2 for more photos.)


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