Dayanara 'open' to working with Aga


Dayanara says the prospect of teaming up with Aga would 'depend on the project'

"I'm open to work," answers Dayanara Torres when asked whether or notshe is willing to co-star with ex-boyfriend Aga Muhlach. "It justdepends really on the project. If it's a great project, it doesn'tmatter you know. [If] it's just a great project [then] I'll be back."

Asked if she is considering to return to Philippine show business, shesays: "Well, it really depends on the project. I've been—for the pasttwo years back into my career—in work. [I've] recently moved to L.A.[Los Angeles, California] because it's easier and better for my careeras an actress. And things have been going great. If a project comes up,it will have to be the perfect project. The only thing I really have tostudy is-I have two kids and they come first. It will only be in a waythat my kids can be here."

The 32-year-old mother-of-two was also asked whom she missed while she was away for eight years.

"You want specifics?" she jokes. "Anong gusto mo? Alam ko [ang ibig mong sabihin]." She laughs. "Nice try," she teases.

"Let me think," she says candidly. "I just missed—especially peoplethat I worked with in the movies. There's Cesar Montano, GaryValenciano, Aga Muhlach, and then the A.S.A.P. people-Pops [Fernandez], Martin [Nievera], Ariel [Rivera]. I got to meet so many people, because of A.S.A.P.You know it's a variety show. We [had] guest artists every single week.And, [I had] just truly great friendships here-Ruby [Rodriguez].There's so many people I would love to see..."

The former Miss Universe was in the country for a four-day visit toendorse Beverly Hills 6750 Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Institute—businessventure of former athlete David Bunevacz and wife, talent managerJessica Rodriguez. Given a chance to stay longer, she says she wouldlove to catch up with old friends.

"Everyone from the movies, the directors I've worked with, the PAs[production assistants], the TV shows, people from ABS-CBN, and fromthe other show in ABC-5," smiles Yari (Dayanara's nickname). "I wish Ihad more time so I can catch up, but like I said it's not going to bemy last time here."



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