Julius and Tin-tin: Network Nuptials


Tin-tin, here in a quiet private moment, got married on the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

They met in 1993 in the ABS-CBN newsroom. It was not love at first sight, although there was some teasing from fellow workers who thought they looked good together.

Three years later, they found themselves co-hosting the daily morning show Alas Singko y Medya. That's when the working relationship developed into another kind of relationship.

It all started with sporadic breakfasts together after the show. And then in addition to breakfast, they were getting together more and more often for lunch, and then for dinner.

All this eventually led to the love story that brought broadcasters Tin-tin Bersola and Julius Babao, 10 years after they first met, to a church in Antipolo for a wedding ceremony that was meticulously planned and lovingly executed.


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