Alfred Vargas in Europe


Alfredstanding beforethe façade of the Basilica de San Marco, which used to be a private chapel of the doge, or ruler, of Venice. The church is named after St. Mark, the evangelist whose bones are entombed inside.

Showbiz newbie Alfred Vargas is the macho-dancer character Cherrie Pie Picache's character fell in love with in the hit Jeffrey Jeturian film, Bridal Shower.

Soon after this Seiko Film was screened during the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2003, it was invited to join international film festivals in Singapore and Udine, Italy, among others.

Alfred, who belongs to talent manager's Lolit Solis's group, was fortunate to represent the film in both festivals. Even if the producer's limited budget left Alfred paying for his own fare, this adventurer, who has been on personal trips to Thailand and America, didn't mind at all.

In fact, after the filmfest in Udine, Alfred decided to stay on for a few more days. He wandered alone, visiting the more famous Italian destination, Venice, and from there winded his way to Paris.

To date, Alfred is busy shooting a drama series in Malaysis titled Muli, a co-production of GMA-7 and a Malaysian TV network.



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