Say Alonzo on DJ Mo: "Kilala niya ako!"


"Pinapalabas niya na gustung-gusto kong mag-guest, " explains Say. "Ayoko mag-guest. Tinanong lang ako. Sinagot ko lang 'yong tanong."

“Listen, Say [Alonzo], you will never be invited in this show because I don't have an idea who the hell you are. You have to be some sort of celebrity to be on the program. You, my dear, do not qualify. Turn around, just sit there and stay pretty,” said DJ Mo Twister to Say Alonzo in his radio program Good Times on December 13.

The brewing word war ensued after the press asked Say Alonzo if she was willing to guest in DJ Mo’s celebrity challenge segment “Forbidden Questions.”

To which the Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Zhe Moveeh co-star answered: “I don't wanna answer some of his [DJ Mo] questions and I don't wanna be used in his radio program! I don't wanna be interviewed by DJ Mo because it's pointless. He's just using the artista to get ratings.”

Say is Sam Milby's and Uma Khouny’s friend and a former housemate in Pinoy Big Brother. DJ Mo’s celebrity guests have named both Sam and Uma as the “closet gays” of show business.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) called up Say today, December 19, to clear the air.

“Okay lang [if he doesn’t invite me],” says the Wazzup Wazzup co-host. “Hindi naman ako nagpriprisinta na mag-guest doon, and hindi ko naman prinisinta sa press at that time na ‘Hoy, interbyuhin nyo ako! Tanungin nyo ako about Sam, and DJ Mo, and Uma!’ I didn’t do that.”

She adds: “Kasi parang pinapalabas ni Mo sa mga press release niya or something na ako ang gustong mag-guest, [na] ako ang nagbo-volunteer ng information. Hindi ako nagbo-volunteer ng information. Sinagot ko lang ‘yong tinanong sa akin na ‘Willing ka bang mag-guest kung igue-guest ka?’ Which is, hello, hindi ako willing mag-guest! Ayokong mag-guest so nagagalit siya doon.

“Ang dami pa niyang sinasabi na hindi daw niya ako kilala, na hindi daw ako celebrity...Okay. 'Di sige, 'di hindi!”


Say also explains that DJ Mo knows her. She cited two occasions when she had point of contact with the said radio host.

The first was when she expressed her feelings about people naming her friends Sam and Uma’s as closet gays in DJ Mo's radio show.

“He knows that I am their [Sam and Uma’s] friend,” she recounts. “He knows that dahil kay Luis Alandy—kasi friend ko si Luis. Nag-comment ako kay Luis na ‘O, bakit naman ganoon si Mo?’”

Say was referring to what she mistakenly thought were Mo’s comments about Sam’s sexuality.

“Sabi niya [ni Luis], ‘Ah, hindi [naman siya ganoon].’ 'Tapos tinawagan 'ata ni Luis si Mo. 'Tapos tumawag si Luis sa akin. ‘Uy, sabi ni Mo I’m sorry daw. Hindi naman siya nagba-bash, 'yong caller daw.’

Tapos sabi ko sa kanya [Luis], ‘Ha? Hindi siya nagba-bash? Pero parang pinapalabas niya na gay so parang ganoon na rin ‘yon.’ Sabi ko, ‘Wag naman ganoon,' 'di ba?’”

The second occasion, according to the Super Inggo mainstay, was meeting DJ Mo in person.

“How can he say that he doesn’t know who the hell I am? Sabi niya, 'di ba, 'who the hell I am?'” she says boldly. “He was the one who introduced himself to me—maybe about a month ago, two months ago? When I guested on Y Speak [Studio 23's debate show], siya ‘yong co-host ni Bianca Gonzalez. Actually, I didn’t want to say anything to him. I didn’t want to introduce myself to him because that was the time they started bashing Sam and Uma.”

She continues, “Hindi ko nga siya pinapansin, and I didn’t want to, 'di ba? And he came up to me and said, ‘Hi Say! I’m Mo Twister.’ Sabi ko ‘Hi! Nice to meet you.’ Tapos umalis na ako.”


She swears by her word, “Mamatay man ako. Mawalan man ako ng lahat ng mayroon ako ngayon. Siya talaga ang nagpakilala sa akin. He was the one who came up to me on stage. Sa school [‘yong set] e. I think that was U.E. [University of the East]. I had that episode taped! Kilala niya ako! During the show, repeatedly [he said] ‘O, Say’ or ‘Si Say naman.’ So how can he say ‘I don’t know who the hell you are?’”

Say has a message for the controversial DJ Mo: “Magpakatotoo siya! Dati ko pa sinasabi ‘yan, 'di ba? Kasi hindi ko naman siya inaaway e. Katulad ng nag-comment siya sa akin, nag-comment din ako sa kanya...”

She ends, “Hindi ko siya inaaway.”





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