Dressing up the stars


Arielle Agasang describes his dream designs for Angel: "Classic yet stylized clothes, from casual to formal. It suits her personality. She's very promising, young, and easy to dress up. Specifically, a see-through stylized evening gown, studded with pink and yellow diamonds as accent. It would be a nightmare for me if I saw her in an avant garde or club wear getup."

Five local designers Arielle Agasang, Randy Ortiz, Nono Palmos, Rhett Eala, and Patrice Ramos-Diaz dress up some of our favorite stars and share fashion tips as well.

What's the biggest fashion crime for you?

Arielle: "Putting colors in one piece of clothing or one gown. Wearing too many accessories, a headdress, and bad hair."

Randy: "Black stockings with white shoes, and wearing a leather jacket in Manila. I don't like gloves for women, especially here in Manila."

Nono: "Wearing something that doesn't suit you personality or your body type."

Rhett: "The biggest fashion crime is dressing half your age. Which means if you're 40, sometimes you dress up like a teenager. Or wearing a size too small."

Patrice: "Pretentiousness."

Relationship between fashion and entertainment?

Arielle: "Fashion is intertwined with entertainment. Fashion livens up a dull ensemble, as it livens up entertainment."

Randy: "Fashion adds glamour and elegance to showbiz gatherings. Most movie stars would like to become models and vice versa. Fashion also benefits a lot from entertainment in terms of exposure, awareness, and branding."

Nono: "Celebrities are now becoming fashionistas. International magazines use celebrities on their covers and portray them as fashion models. Designers now use celebrities to show off their clothes."

Rhett: "Fashion and entertainment have always been sort of intertwined. It's more obvious now, I guess. More fashion designers are willing to dress up celebrities."

Patrice: "Entertainment is all about projecting an image. Fashion is an important element in building that image."





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