YES! gives full account of the Kris-James-Hope controversy


We saw Hope Centeno talking on TV, giving some details about her alleged affair with cager James Yap. We saw Kris Aquino crying on TV, "Lahat pwede niyo i-speculate. Lahat pwede niyo exaggerate. Pero ang katotohanan, the real pain occurs between the two of us." We also saw James denying all the allegations of Hope on TV. Who's telling the truth? Who's the victim?

The Kris-James-Hope controversy took the country by storm. It was the talk of the town for nearly three weeks. It was all over the papers. Until Hope abruptly disappeared and the topic went kaput.

It may be over now, but a lot of things were left unresolved, a lot of questions still unanswered.

YES! magazine sat down with Manay Lolit Solis to ask her assessment about Hope's allegations. The indomitable talent manager said, "Kahit other woman siya, iyong side ng istorya niya totoo."

She also said: "Why can't Kris be like Lani? Tahimik lang. There is dignity in silence. Si LT, no'ng ginulo ni Rosanna ang buhay nila, wala ka ring narinig. If she can be like that, her marriage will be okay today. Si Kris naman ang nagsimula ng lahat ng ito, e. Di namin mamamalayan si Hope kung di dahil kay Kris..."

Plus, Vicki Belo also gave her side of the story, along with the other crucial characters whose names got dragged into this controversy. A total of 14 pages was devoted to cover just the first half of the entire story.

The number one entertainment source also put out something about the controversial deejay in the country today, DJ Mo Twister. He talked about his show and it's controversial segment "Forbidden Questions," and of course, Cristy Fermin whom the he reportedly called "Idiot" and "Shrek.

Lastly, over 16 pages went to the coverage of the YES! anniversary party, which was also the grand launching of PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal). Over 200 stars attended the event and over 150 photos were published to retell all the other sideline stories that TV and print were not able to capture.

It's complete, comprehensive, credible, and a must-buy issue. Grab your copy now!





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