Iza Calzado reveals how she recovered from a personal crisis


Inner and outer beauty personified, Iza Calzado graces the cover of marie claire for the second time after appearing as the magazine's first cover girl in November 2005. In this May 2007 issue, she recalls how she went through personal confusion and crisis before finally finding fulfillment.

marie claire magazine does not only showcase physical beauty, it also likes to show inner beauty. Inner beauty may sound like a cliché, but it is still true that in our world today little acts of kindness can make a person feel beautiful.

Iza Calzado, a passionate young actress/commercial model, is once again the choice for cover girl of marie claire. She was the choice for no less than the magazine's maiden issue of November 2005. This May, the 24-year-old cover girl shares a heartwarming story of her own.

She says that at the height of the popularity of her soap opera, Te Amo, Iza began reaching out to the less fortunate. She actually decided to celebrate her 21st birthday at the Philippine Children's Medical Center. Sometime after that, QTV-11 asked her to host its public-service show, At Your Service.

Somewhere in the middle of it all, the self-confessed sunshine-y person started to entertain dark clouds of doubt and confusion. Typical of girls her age, Iza began to question her purpose in life, and slowly lost her drive. The star of Atlantika felt she was just going through the motions of living and working. She also suspected she was undergoing some quarter-life crisis. What she was sure of is that she was always feeling tired and nothing really made any sense.

Iza recalled: "I'm always asking if I'm doing the right thing. Is this my purpose? Am I really happy?" The Gawad Urian Best Supporting Actress for the movie Sigaw got to the point where she entertained the thought of quitting showbiz.


However, fate intervened and made her realize how fortunate she was to be working in an industry that she loved. Luckily for Iza—and her many fans—she decided to stay in showbiz. "I have no right to get tired. People are counting on me to deliver. I have to—no, I want to—deliver," Iza tells Summitmedia's marie claire this May.

Find out how Iza bounced back from her dark state in the story she tells in marie claire's May 2007 issue. The Summit magazine title is available at all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide at P125 per copy.





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